District and Regions Sites…….All-Region and Unsigned Showcase Information



The playoffs are now upon us and here are the district and region sites for the various classifications.


Keep in mind these have been ascertained through coaches and various outlets so they may not all the way accurate but should be very close.


I will update sites if needed as they are made available to me.


Quick Note: The Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams will be announced on the following days:

Wednesday 2/16 (Class A/Regions 1-4)

Thursday 2/17 (Class A/Regions 5-8)

Friday 2/18 (Class AA/Regions 1-4

Saturday 2/19 (Class AA/Regions 5-8)

Sunday 2/20 (Class AAA/Regions 1-4)

Monday 2/21 (Class AAA/Regions 5-8)

Tuesday 2/22 (DII/Class A)

Wednesday 2/23 (DII/Class AA)


Quick Note: We have scheduled three sites for the Tennessee Prep Hoops Unsigned Senior Showcases.

March 26th: Walter's State Community College

April 9th: Freed-Hardeman University

April 23rd: Maryville College

Information and sign-ups will be available early next week.


Class A

District 1A                 

Site: Daniel Boone

District 2A

Site: Grainger

Region 1A

Site: Chuckey-Doak

District 3A

Site: Greenback

District 4A

Site: Wartburg Central

Region 2A

Site: Harriman

District 5A                 

Site: CSAS

District 6A

Site: Whitwell

Region 3A

Site: Signal Mountain

District 7A

Site: Livingston Academy

District 8A

Site: Gordonsville

Region 4A

Site: Watertown

District 9A                 

Site: N/A

District 10A

Site: McEwen

Region 5A

Site: Community

District 11A

Site: Culleoka

District 12A

Site: Perry County

Region 6A

Site: Mt. Pleasant

District 13A               

Site: N/A

District 14A

Site: Peabody

Region 7A

Site: West Carroll

District 15A

Site: Riverside

District 16A

Site: Douglass

Region 8A

Site: TCA




Class AA

District 1AA              

Site: Sullivan North

District 2AA

Site: Cumberland Gap

Region 1AA

Site: Sullivan North

District 3AA

Site: Austin East

District 4AA

Site: Scott

Region 2AA

Site: Fulton

District 5AA              

Site: McMinn County

District 6AA

Site: East Hamilton

Region 3AA

Site: McMinn County

District 7AA

Site: Notre Dame

District 8AA

Site: White County

Region 4AA

Site: White County

District 9AA              

Site: Volunteer State

District 10AA

Site: CPA

Region 5AA

Site: Volunteer State

District 11AA

Site: Waverly Central

District 12AA

Site: Hickman County

Region 6AA

Site: Creek Wood

District 13AA            

Site: Dyersburg

District 14AA

Site: Lexington

Region 7AA

Site: Dyersburg

District 15AA

Site: Northside

District 16AA

Site: BTW

Region 8AA

Site: Northside


Class AAA

District 1AAA                       

Site: Science Hill

District 2AAA

Site: Sevier County

Region 1AAA

Site: Science Hill

District 3AAA

Site: Karns

District 4AAA

Site: William Blount

Region 2AA A

Site: Oak Ridge

District 5AAA                       

Site: Rhea County

District 6AAA

Site: Coffee County

Region 3AAA

Site: Rhea County

District 7AAA

Site: Blackman

District 8AAA

Site: Franklin County

Region 4AAA

Site: LaVergne

District 9AAA                       

Site: Gallatin

District 10AAA

Site: Dickson County

Region 5AAA

Site: Gallatin

District 11AAA

Site: Centennial

District 12AAA

Site: Overton

Region 6AAA

Site: Ravenwood

District 13AAA         

Site: Brighton

District 14AAA

Site: Bartlett

Region 7AAA

Site: Munford

District 15AAA

Site: Houston

District 16AAA

Site: White Station

Region 8AAA

Site: Collierville