DII/Class A Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Squad


After consulting with numerous coaches in the area, I have compiled my list for the Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region squad for the DII/Class A ranks. The team will consist of an MVP, a first team of 15 players and 15 honorable mention participants.


Class A

Tennessee Prep Hoops DII/Class A All-Region Squad

MVP: John Ross Glover (USJ)

Skal Labissiere (ECS)

Josh Erickson (DCA)

Rob Marberry (FRA)

Ross Welch (USN)

Cameron Payne (Lausanne)

Burton Sampson (Knoxville Webb)

Ethan Moffitt (Fayette Academy)

Alec Mulvihill (St. George's)

Matt Brown (Harding Academy)

Corey Teague (Ezell-Harding)

D.J. Wooten (Lausanne)

Duante Thomas (FACS)

Liam Nash (USN)

Kessler Bell (FRA)

Austin Gee (Ezell-Harding)


Honorable Mention:

J.T. Moody (Tipton-Rosemark)

De' Ewin (DCA)

Zach Jenkins (Ezell-Harding)

Bud Cannon (FRA)

Ben Wankel (MJCS)

Cham Quao (Webb School)

Nilan Hodge (USN)

James Hawes (Bishop Byrne)

Jamal Smith (FACS)

Alex Bran (St. George's)

Avery Paxton (SBEC)

Carson Outlaw (DCA)

Kytrel Williams (Harding Academy)

Justin Jackson (Knoxville Webb)

Sheldon Freeman (USN)