DII (Class A and AA) Projections



Finally we get to our projections for the DII schools in the state. Our private school division, as you know, is divided into two classifications and we will choose accordingly.


Players are listed in no order.



Class A

John Ross Glover (USJ)

Steve Kaspar (ECS)

Ethan Moffett (Fayette Academy)

Brandon Strickland (Bishop Byrne)

Nilan Hodge (USN)

D.J. Wooten (Lausanne)

E.J. Miller (USJ)

J.T. Moody (Tipton-Rosemark)

Josh Ambeau (Rossview Christian)

Kesler Bell (FRA)

Cameron Payne (Lausanne)

Micah Teal (ECS)

Avery Sanders (FACS)

Alec Mulvihill (St. George's)

Burton Sampson (Knoxville Webb)

Miles Davis (Webb School)

Josh Erickson (DCA)

Cham Quao (Webb School)

Ross Welch (USN)

Austin Gee (Ezell Harding)






Class AA

Tylan Martin (Baylor)

Chris Jones (Briarcrest Christian)

Terrence O'Donahue (McCallie)

David Howard (MBA)

Weldon Garlington (Brentwood Academy)

Cornelius Elder (Ensworth)

Austin Nichols (Braircrest Christian)

C.J. Reese (McCallie)

Whit Thornton (MBA)

Asa Duvall (Brentwood Academy)

Alex Thomas (Ensworth)

Carlton McCord (MUS)

Cordell James (McCallie)

Demarc Richardson (Braircrest Christian)

Conor McDermott (Ensworth)

Austin Blackwell (MBA)

Leo Born (Baylor)

Danny McGrath (Brentwood Academy)

Cole Harrison (BGA)

Will Downey (Ensworth)

Chad Lee (McCallie)