Class of 2011: Vanderbilt Reviews

brandon lopez.jpg

Not as deep but a talented bucnh of Class of 2011 hoopers took the hardwood at Vanderbilt and showed some promise and determination. We chose 11 from the Class of 2011 who stood out and they will be listed alphabetically.


Woody Corell (Creek Wood)

Young man got after it on the defensive end of the floor and proved to be a very good rebounder on both ends of the floor. His offensive game is still coming along but anyone who workds this hard will find success.

Miles Davis (Webb School)

Very sound post defender. Does need to work on his footwork especially on the offensive end but has a big body and gives effort in the post.

Weldon Garlington (Brentwood Academy)

I've liked this youngster for some time now. He has a wonderful feel for the game and is a leader even at this stage of his career. His shot is solid but needs to be released a bit quicker. I love his handling of the point guard duties. As he grows he will be a good one.

Devanta Hamlett (Columbia Central)

Nice long athlete who shot the ball well and played defense with some effort. Looks like he could be a three if he improves his ball handling. I love his size and length.

Brandon Lopez (Austin East)

Fearless warrior who always goes hard to the bucket looking to make the pass to a worthy teammate. His defensive effort is sterling and his strength is what gets him his seperation while driving to the glass. He knows his offensive game is what moves him to the next level and he works on it tirelessly.

Janeal McDonald (Riverdale)

Very quick and determined point man. Has a good shot and more importantly knows a good shot from a bad one. His decision making was one of his strengths and his defensive effort goes without question.

DeBrell McLemore (Franklin)

Small in stature but very quick and good on both sides of the ball. He defends with the notion how dare you attempt to go by me and he's unslefish with the ball and has the ability to score when the play goes array.

Brandon Mitchell (Independence)

Some players grow on you the more you watch them and Mitchell was one of those. This youngster is not the fastest or quickest but can score because of his intelligence and looks to get the ball to his best scoring options. Obviously well coached and a system player who understands the game.

Justin Perry (Overton)

Good size and one of the best shooters in the camp. He can be one of the better guards in this class if he expands his offensive game and puts the same effort into his defensive effort. I like his potential and that shot can really be his weapon.

Robert Veal (Ravenwood)

One of my favorite players to watch at the camp. He was vocal on defense showing leadership and played with hustle and a will to win. Diving on the floor for loose balls at a camp translates into he dives for loose balls all the time. He showed a nice little jumper and was a beast on the glass. If he expands his offensive reportiore he could be one of the top players in this class.

Lester Wilson (Knoxville Carter)

No one can question his athletic skills or his improvement on the hardwood. He can score off the glass or even from mid-range with a much improved shot. He has room to improve on the defensive end of the floor and on the glass.


Others who drew some praise:

Cole Robinson (Hillsboro)

Brandon Crowder (MLK)

DeAndre Matthieu (Knoxville Central)

Kelvin Clay (Red Bank)

Ed Lightforde (Smyrna)

Dominic Matthews (Marshall County)

Thomas Elizer (Harpeth)

Jordan Sawyers (MLK)

Zach Ballinger (Knoxville Carter)

Nick Ross (Red Bank)

Collin McMullin (Harpeth)