Class of 2011: Freed Hardeman Previews

ray parks.jpg

The Class of 2011 took center stage this past Saturday at Freed showing the depth and potential of this class not only statewide but some legitimate big time prospects continue to emerge. Alphabetically as is always the case:


Joevantae Arnold (Liberty Tech)

Quick, can handle and tough, must learn the tempo of his position and how it affects his team and fellow players. Decision making will be something he needs to work on.


Odgra Bobo (Liberty Tech)

Good size and athletic skills allow him to be a very good defender on and off the ball, good coaching don't hurt either. His offensive game needs to be upgraded to make him a complete player.


Bubba Clifton (Summertown)

Do my eyes decieve me or did I just see the next Tyler Cutter. Cut from the same mold as the former Siegel star, Clifton is hard-nosed, tough and plays with a tempo you love for a point guard. Adjectives galore describe his demanor on the floor, tough, determined, unselfish and leader. I can't wait to see his progession through the years.


Octavious Ellis (Whitehaven)

High skill level can shoot, rebound and block some shots when he gets into the post. Shies from contact because of his slight build but has a tremendous amount of potential. Once he gets a bit stronger his game will grow exponentially.


Antonio Fischer (Manassas)

Strong build allows him to defend well when he puts the effort into it. He showed good vision and unselfishness while running some point but needs to work on his offensive game.


Wontez Graham (Liberty Tech)

Another product from the Liberty factory, Graham is slightly built but understands the game just has trouble because of his size. Should benefit greatly from Liberty's style and penchant for playing alot of players.


Kedren Johnson (Marshall County)

I come away more impressed everytime I see this young man. His ability to run the show and his unselfish nature make him a coaches dream. He has great explosion to the glass and the ability to finish softly. More work on his outside game makes him a top 50 player nationally once the major services learn of his exploits.


Will Jones (Chester County)

Small player in height but strong enough to make some things happen. He showed he could score and with continued practice can be a very functional high school contributor.


Alvertis London (Overton)

Very impressed by the skills this young fella had in his arsenal. He showed the ability to shoot the lefty jumper and had a nice floater, a neccessity for anyone his size. He got out of control, as did the whole game, at the end but the more he stays on the floor the better his game will evolve.


Eli Matthews (Summertown)

Summertown is set in the backcourt for the next few seasons. Matthews played hard and had good skills. He shot well, can see the court and above all gives maximum effort.


Cedric McAfee (Craigmont)

WOW!!! Better than advertised with a complete game that only has room for growth. Exceptional explosion and scoring grace, defensively stout as long as he makes the effort and one of the quickest first steps in the state. His stock is on the immediate uprise and he will become a national recruit before too long.


E.J. Miller (USJ)

I can't tell you how much I love watching guards, especially young guards, who play the game the way it was intended to be played. Miller is that kid. Smart, fearless and never afraid to pull it in your face or use his exceptional basketball saavy to go right by you. Bright future and love the spin move in traffic.


Jo Northington (Manassas)

Glad to see him come back to Tennessee and ascertain his rightful place among the state's elite Class of 2011 players. Exceptional explosion coupled with tremendous drive and want to make him one of the best players at this event. He had the full arsenal of offensive tricks, the straight jumper, sweet floater, quick off the bounce you name it he scored it.


Bobby Parks (St. George's)

My goodness what a player. His ability to use his strong build and exceptional ball-handling skills made him a dangerous player to attempt to guard. He drives right by bigger defenders and overpowers the little fellas and usually finishes with something crowd pleasing. He showed a toughness on defense and looks to make a name on the national stage before too long.


McCoy Pope (Overton)

Good build and powerful size coupled with a willingness to battle inside make him a potential very good player. His skill level needs work but he gave maximum effort so that should not be an issue for his development.


Chris Porter (Manassas)

Showed a nice shot when feet were set but at his size must work on his ball-handling and decision making. Played tough defense and accepted the challenge of guarding whomever had the ball.


Demetrius Whitehorn (Bolivar Central)

Flashes of absolute dominance make him a very intruiging prospect. So strong and athletic he can virtually score unabaded whenever he feels the need. His effort must become more consistent the entire game. I love his ability to score from mid-range and take his defender off the dribble.