Class of 2010: Vanderbilt Review

tereas clemmons.jpg

Deep and talented the Class of 2010 was more than well represented at the Vanderbilt showcase with 8 of the top 20 players in the class represented. The staff chose 10 players who stood out and 10 more who deserve some ink. Those players will be listed alphabetically.


10 Who Shined Very Bright

Teraes Clemmons (Mt. Juliet)

This smooth as silk lefty came to the showcase on Saturday to prove a point, he's a big time player. Showing his skills by running the point most of the day, T.C. got everyone involved and still found time to knock down a few mid-range jumpers to boot. His demeanor on the court has improved and his matured has come full circle. I look forward to watching him continue to grow and develop.

Thomas Greer (West Carroll)

Slight build looks like it would be a concern but not for one with such impressive basketball saavy. Greer can score off the dribble, create his own shots in traffic and knock down the outside shot. His defense is pure instinct and he takes charges better than most anyone his age group.

Kerry Hammonds (Siegel)

Arguably the best player in the gym on Saturday. Hammonds has big time next level size, can shoot from anywhere on the court and plays hard. His range is unlimited and he can run some point if called upon in that role. He is not the quickest athlete on the floor but his outside shot gives him the step he needs to roll by unsuspecting defenders. Big time prospect.

Cody Henegar (Marion County)

Like most big players the camp setting is unflattering. Guards dominate the ball no matter how many stipulations and game changes you employ. Henegar showed his moxie blocking numerous shots and controlling the glass. He scored when the opportunities arose and is additional strength away from being a Top 10 player in the state.

Tarius Johnson (Liberty Tech)

One of the hardest working kids in the state. Well coached and active he has improved his offensive skills to the point where he can be a scoring option. His defense is his bread and butter and with his length and size he is a special player, with that skill.

Fred Lee (McGavock)

Responded to the challenge issued by one of the camp personel, Lee showed he had the ability to run the point and still get his scoring on. He was impressive in getting to the bucket and finishing, as well as; shooting a nice jumper from the wing. His future is at the point and when he grasps that concept fully, he will be a nice player on the next level.

Arthur McMillan (Hillsboro)

"King" Arthur is rounding into shape after being out most of the end of last season and some of the summer. He was devastating in the first game, scoring on short jumpers, power moves to the glass and a couple very intense dunks. He played hard but lost osme of his steam later in the camp as his conditioning will need to be a priority and with the high school season around the corner, I know it will.

Julian Reese (LaVergne)

Wonderful at controlling his tempo and changing speeds with the basketball. He is an outstanding defender and plays the game with a quick tempo. He always works hard and can score off the dribble or from the wing. Look for a strong season from JR.

Demarius Smith (Kenwood)

Explosive only touches the surface for DD. He will elevate over you at a moments notice. His game is rounding into shape as he becomes more comfortable out front with the ball. He can run some point and has a good enough shot and obviously off the dribble skills to effectively run the two.

Robert Wade (Maplewood)

Athletic beyond our comprehension but improving in the areas he needs to work. I love his change in attitude its apparent on and off the floor. He has added a functional jumper and always goes hard to the glass and on the defensive end of the floor. His game will come leaps and bounds as he works on his ball-handling. Also don't forget he played a football game the previous Friday night. Impressive athlete.


10 Who Also Shined

Vincent Dotson (Creek Wood)

Big player worked hard, wonderful interior passer, blocked shots and wants to get better

Brandon Harden (Hillsboro)

Thick athlete plays hard and always gave 100%. Effort led to numerous putbacks.

Linwood Holloway (Knoxville Central)

Wonderful shooter who plays hard, msut add the dribble drive to his game to make it complete.

Dominique Parks (Columbia Central)

Another long athlete who gave maximum effort and hustle the moment he stepped on the floor.

David Sanders (MLK)

Strong and tough, X-Man can score inside or overpower his defender to the bucket, shot still needs work

Carter Sanderson (Lipscomb)

Who shot the ball better than Sanderson, textbook stroke and improved ball skills make him deadly

LeVon Tate (Siegel)

So talented seemed to step back offensively in this camp but when motivated is a reboudning machine. Good size

Josh Tidwell (Brentwood)

Played with a smile on his face and showed some of the skill and athleticism we have seen before.

Cordaro Williams (Liberty Tech)

Ran the point some, showed his outside shot and played well the entire day. Hustles on defense.

Cedric Young (Overton)

Newcomer showed some serious skills and played hard at all times. Long arms and nice shot. Watch him.


Other Who Deserve Some Praise:

Jordan Harris (Chattanooga Christian)

Taylor Cummings (MLK)

Coty Crow (Creek Wood)

Dylan Powers (Lenoir City)

E.J. Perry (Westmoreland)

Tyler King (Independence)

Donerio Dansby (Harpeth)

Jackson Coursey (Father Ryan)

Tyler Whitman (Ooltewah)

Darryl Jackson (Mt. Juliet)

Jalen Mosley (Oakland)

TaShawn Kelly (Knoxville Central)

Luke Baum (Webb School)

Andrew Keen (Antioch)

Killen Middleton (MTCS)

Dylan Moore (Lenoir City)

Justin Walton (Creek Wood)

Kaneal Windom (JCM)

Houston Bagsby (Page)

Hollis Edwards (McGavock)

Hunter Foutch (Webb School)

Latroy Boseman (East Literature)