Class of 2009: Vanderbilt Reviews

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Sorry for the delay everyone but now we tackle the final class of players the rising seniors or Class of 2009. Not as well represented as some of the younger classes but solid none the less. To kkep with our forum we chose 9 players, from 2009, that shined very bright, 9 more who shined bright and others who definetely deserve some mention. The players will be listed alphabetically


9 Who Shined Bright:

Jamarious Alderson (Clarksville Northeast)

This young man came to play. He is blessed with so much talent it is so nice to see it come out and for him to play so hard the entire game. His outside shot has always been solid and if he plays with this effort and intensity all season he will be rewarded with accolades and coaches from the next level paying him much attention.

Deonte Alexander (Glencliff)

Tay kinda took a backseat early with his offensive game learning his teammates and letting some of them show their offensive prowess. He has become a very capable point guard and a leader from the spot as well. He showed patient moments of scoring and knows when to exert himself on offense.

Dustin Baxter (Upperman)

A superb player who can score from inside or out. He plays with a passion and will cut your heart out to win. I love his energy and the tempo he plays the game at. He's a much better athlete than people think and with his effort on both ends of the floor, he's a dream player for any DII or NAIA institution.

Trey Carouthers (Harpeth)

Thats the player I saw in April and May. The guy who was flying all over the floor making plays on the offensive and defensive ends of the floor. Scoring off hard drives and throwing down a couple in your grill. Playing with a smile and a purpose, welcome back Trey.

Anton Christian (MLK)

The biggest surprise of the camp for me. I knew of him but did not expect to see this type of athlete and player. A great athlete plays with toughness and can shoot the ball very well. He goes hard to the glass and defends like his life depended on it. I believe he could be a Top 25 player in the state before the end of the season.

Steve Cook (Chattanooga Christian)

If you watch him you can't help but be impressed with his demeanor and leadership skills. Cook takes charge of his team irregardless of situation and makes everyone around him better. He has good offensive skills and is aconsistent jumper away from being very good.

Collin Crane (Karns)

Great size and plays his guts out on the floor. His 6'5 frame makes him an ideal two on the next level and his shooting prowess makes him even more of a weapon. He's a much better athlete than one thinks and he gives maximum effort on both ends of the floor.

D'Angelo Mason (Gallatin)

Another surprise at the camp, Mason showed much quickness and was a very explosive player around the bucket. Great intensity on both ends of the floor and the ability to shoot helps him as well. Look forward to his progress in high school this season.

D'Angelo Williams (Spring Hill)

Solid defender who showed a deft lefty stroke from all over the floor. I love his length and ability to score off the dribble. Someone will get a very good player who seems to improve every time he steps on the floor. Loves his potential.



10 More Shined:

Jermahl Bertrand (Hillsboro)

This young man has improved his game and his effort tremendously. He has made himself a viable candidate for the next level and when he improves his outside shooting and ball skills he will go far.

Gerald Corlew (Maplewood)

Big surprise with his ability to lead a team and control the tempo of the game. Played with effort and hustle.

Wes Long (Summertown)

Big strong player who has one of the better shots in the mid-state area. He understands the game and uses his skills to his advantage. He will need to improve his lateral skills to guard on the next level and could be even more efffective if he used his superior strength and size to score more inside.

Will Moore (Chattanooga Christian)

So wonderful to see Will back in the fold after some serious injuries. He showed he still had the smoothness and had moments of explosion that I'm sure he is glad to see. Once he is back in basketball shape his game will be back to where it was before the injury.

Carrin Nash (Upperman)

Great size and good on the glass and from the perimeter make Nash a must have for the next level. He has good strength and is not afraid to mix it up inside.

Cameron Pridemore (Grace Christian)

Smart and heady from the point guard position. Cam is more than capable of running the show and can score if called upon. He plays defense hard and is not afraid to go hard to the glass.

Ryan Slusher (Grace Christian)

Probably the best effort I have seen from this talented youngster. He played with fire and seemed to be enjoying himself on the floor. He plays at a nice tempo and can score off the dribble or from the outside. His potential is limitless if he continues with this mentality.

Robert Sutton (Glencliff)

Nice player who can shoot from mid-range or deep. He plays hard on both ends of the floor and can play either guard spot. Look forward to a solid senior campaign.

Kyle Teichman (Brentwood)

Great system player who can score inside no matter how big or tough the defender. I love his work ethic and determination to get better.



Others who deserve mention:

Brandon Burns (Marshall County)

Montae Brown (Spring Hill)

Daniel Rial (Dickson County)

Patrick McPhail (Overton)

Brandon Upchurch (Clarkrange)

Jay Cannon (Knoxville Halls)

Brandon Hunter (Gallatin)

Blake Cardin (Independence)

Joseph Darnell (Cornersville)

Themarius Head (Centennial)

Nick Smith (Aaron Academy)

DeAngelo Bullock (Knoxville West)

Jacquail Jacox (Maplewood)

Chris Moses (Kenwood)

Caleb Maxwell (Aaron Academy)