Class AAA State Tournament Preview

White Station vs. Oak Ridge

Dobyns Bennett vs. Red Bank

Antioch vs. Siegel

Clarksville vs. Ridgeway

White Station

Coach: Jesus Pitino

Nickname: Spartans

Record: 23-12

Top Players:

Joe Jackson

Julian Burton

Ferrakohn Hall

Marquette Murrell

Youth prevails as the Spartans squad is dominated by sophomores and freshman. The lead dog is Joe "The Real Thing" Jackson. The special sophomore is playing well and wanting to get his gold ball at an early age. The return of Hall is spectacular timing and the big junior is shaking off the rust and ready to make an impact at state.


Oak Ridge

Coach: Ricky Norris

Nickname: Wildcats

Record: 32-2

Top Players:

Quinche Dowdell

Jared Stephens

Tyler Clark

Tucker Trent

The Cats have only tasted defeat on two occassions and are on the proverbial role. Dowdell leads the scoring but Stephens is the heartbeat. The precocious senior makes it all go round and will be asked to run this ship and guard the phenom Jackson, he is up for the challenge I can promise you.


Dobyns Bennett

Coach: Charlie Morgan

Nickname: Indians

Record: 30-3

Top Players:

Justin Sylvester

Jamel Williams

Jordan Edwards

Bronson Flack

Size gives the Indians a chance to score a couple victories at state. Edwards and Falck go 6-6 and 6-8 and their guards are good players. Depth is plentiful.


Red Bank

Coach: John Cherne

Nickname: Lions

Record: 26-7

Top Players:

Tim Benford

Dominique McDuffie

Nick Ross

Bradley Britt

Tough and athletic led by two football signees in Benford and McDuffie, the Lions have something to prove at the Murphy Center.



Coach: Jim Nollner

Nickname: Bears

Record: 26-2

Top Players:

Michael McAdoo

Tahj Wells

Coty Clarke

Kyle Upton

The consensus is no one wants to play Antioch right now. The Bears are rolling led by three big insiders in Wells, Clarke and Big Mac. Upton is a scoring machine and ist year headman Nollner has plenty of depth at his disposal.



Coach: Chris Harris

Nickname: Stars

Record: 26-11

Top Players:

Tyler Cutter

Kerry Hammonds

Marc Gooch

Montori Hughes

Back to the familiar haunting for the Stars who made this trip their annual right of passage a few years back. Cutter is the leader and has played very well as the season has closed down. The Siegel Sophomore Triad of Hammonds, Gooch and Levon Tate are seasoned players and will fear nothing.



Coach: Ted Young

Nickname: Wildcats

Record: 26-7

Top Players:

Tyrone Caldwell

Lavonte Henderson

Reed Harper

Adam Barnes

Mr. Basketball candidate Tyrone Caldwell is the guts and glory for this squad. His supporting cast has tasted state action last season and looks forward to another run.



Coach: Wes Henning

Nickname: Roadrunners

Record: 31-3

Top Players:

Jason Jones

Sampson Carter

Chris Downey

Dominique Shellman

No nonsense has been the Roadrunner approach since district action commenced. Jones and Carter will be highlight film material and Downey makes everything go for the Memphis crew.