Class AA Pre-Season Projections



Let's not call them predictions this year, how about that. Thanks to everyone who helped me out ascertaining the information. Let's move on to Class AA.


All-Region squads are listed in no particular order.


I want to mention that this week one of the best players in the state in Class AA hurt his knee and will be sidelined for the entire season. Jordan Cross (Sullivan East) we wish you nothing but the best in your recovery and you will be a member of the All-Region team regardless of your situation, you have earned it, my friend.


Class AA

Region 1AA

District 1AA MVP: Logan Lyle (Unicoi County)

District 1AA Projected Champion: Unicoi County

District 2AA MVP: Bryan Everhart (Greeneville)

District 2AA Projected Champion: Greeneville

All-Region 1AA Pre-Season Team:

Jordan Cross (Sullivan East)

Trey Haney (South Greene)

Michael Hedrick (Grainger)

Aaron Miller (Elizabethton)

Matt Stanley (Happy Valley)

Logan Lyle (Unicoi County)

Jason Steele (Johnson County)

Chase Atkins (Claiborne)

Bryan Everhart (Greeneville)

Trae Minton (Cumberland Gap)

Region 2AA

District 3AA MVP: Lester Wilson (Carter)

District 3AA Projected Champion: Carter

District 4AA MVP: Brandon Cole (Stone Memorial)

District 4AA Projected Champion: Alcoa

All-Region 2AA Pre-Season Team:

Brandon Lopez (Austin East)

Jose Agosto (Gatlinburg-Pittman)

Emery Naler (CAK)

Galen Campbell (Fulton)

Brandon Cole (Stone Memorial)

Chase Buckner (Union County)

Matt Shown (Alcoa)

Braylen Bennett (Carter)

Morrease Barber (Gatlinburg-Pittman)

Lester Wilson (Carter)

Jaleland Lawson (Fulton)





Region 3AA

District 5AA MVP: Cory Billingsley (Sweetwater)

District 5AA Projected Champion: McMinn Central

District 6AA MVP: Nick Ross (Red Bank)

District 6AA Projected Champion: Red Bank

All-Region 3AA Pre-Season Team:

Jethro Griffin (Sequoyah)

Barry Griffin (Howard)

Nick Ross (Red Bank)

Randy Boyd (Hixson)

Taylor Drew (McMinn Central)

Cory Billingsley (Sweetwater)

Damien Suttles (Tyner Academy)

Darrius Higgens (Brainerd)

Kelvin Clay (Red Bank)

Tyler Skidmore (Meigs County)





Region 4AA

District 7AA MVP: Daniel Cartwright (Sequatchie County)

District 7AA Projected Champion: Sequatchie County

District 8AA MVP: Mason Ramsey (Livingston Academy)

District 8AA Projected Champion: Livingston Academy

All-Region 4AA Pre-Season Team:

Justin Davenport (Cannon County)

Chris Nash (Upperman)

Logan Ramsey (Livingston Academy)

Brandon Arnold (Chattanooga Christian)

Rashawn Avery (Notre Dame)

Daniel Cartwright (Sequatchie County)

Sonni Hill (DeKalb County)

Mason Ramsey (Livingston Academy)

Jamal Worthington (Bledsoe County)

Steadman Ford (Notre Dame)

Region 5AA

District 9AA MVP: Keenan Froedden (Sycamore)

District 9AA Projected Champion: Sycamore

District 10AA MVP: Craig Bradshaw (CPA)

District 10AA Projected Champion: CPA

All-Region 5AA Pre-Season Team:

Jaleel Querry (Maplewood)

Jalen Lindsey (CPA)

Denzel Clark (White's Creek)

Cheau Hendricks (East Literature)

Keenan Froedden (Sycamore)

Arkeylus Thomas (Pearl Cohn)

Devin McClain (Goodpasture)

Darryl Clack (Maplewood)

Craig Bradshaw (CPA)

Dallas Grace (Macon County)





Region 6AA

District 11AA MVP: Hunter Culp (Camden Central)

District 11AA Projected Champion: Harpeth

District 12AA MVP: Kedren Johnson (Marshall County)

District 12AA Projected Champion: Marshall County

All-Region 6AA Pre-Season Team:

Montrae Williams (Spring Hill)

Hunter Culp (Camden Central)

Collin McMullin (Harpeth)

Trevor Moore (Montgomery Central)

Kedren Johnson (Marshall County)

Lake Jones (Giles County)

Kielan Blanks (Spring Hill)

Austin Clements (Creek Wood)

Kevin Peterson (Marshall County)

Tre Rowe (Page)





Region 7AA

District 13AA MVP: Jacob Lloyd (Westview)

District 13AA Projected Champion: ??????

District 14AA MVP: Kendall Anthony (Liberty Tech)

District 14AA Projected Champion: Liberty Tech

All-Region 7AA Pre-Season Team:

Winn Decker (Dyersburg)

DeAndre Barnette (Liberty Tech)

Tre Polk (Bolivar Central)

Jacob Lloyd (Westview)

Ramiel Pollard (McNairy Central)

Kendall Anthony (Liberty Tech)

O'Neal Woods (Bolivar Central)

Leland Robinson (Southside)

Joevante Arnold (Liberty Tech)

DeAndre McKinnie (Bolivar Central)





Region 8AA

District 15AA MVP: Dontavious Sears (Manassas)

District 15AA Projected Champion: Manassas

District 16AA MVP: Martavious Newby (BTW)

District 16AA Projected Champion: BTW

All-Region 8AA Pre-Season Team:

Justin Street (Sheffield)

Kerrell Davis (Hillcrest)

Darion Robinson (Carver)

Martavious Newby (BGA)

Myron Askew (Frayser)

Allante Milam (Oakhaven)

Dontavious Sears (Manassas)

Isiah Anthony (BTW)

Cameron Rias (Hillcrest)

Rayford Albright (Manassas)