Class A (Regions 5A-8A) Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams



As district play heats up all around the state this is the time when we select our All-Region Teams. I have been in contact with coaches from all over the state and gotten their input on which they thought were the most outstanding players in their respective districts and regions and have compiled my selections into the format which will be followed for each classification.


Class A

Region 5A

Region Site: East Robertson

District 9A MVP: Jacob McLennan (Huntland)

District 9A Projected Champion: Forrest

District 10A MVP: Jordan Bedwell (White House-Heritage)/Garrett Mullinicks (McEwen)

District 10A Projected Champion: McEwen


Tennessee Prep Hoops 5A All-Region Team:

CO-MVP: Garrett Mullinicks (McEwen)

CO-MVP: Jordan Bedwell (White House-Heritage)

Jacob McLennan (Huntland)

Derrick Spears (MTCS)

Mark Pope (Forrest)

Ben Kelly (Eagleville)

Jake Leverette (Community)

Patrick Mullinicks (McEwen)

Micah Farmer (MTCS)

Jacob Burns (Nashville Christian)


Honorable Mention:

Ryan O'Neal (Jo Byrns)

Austin Thurber (Community)

Brett Guenther (East Robertson)

Zach Horvath (Forrest)

Jesse Barnes (Cascade)

J.J. Embry (Nashville Christian)

Mason Nolen (Houston County)


Class A

Region 6A

Region Site: Wayne County

District 11A MVP: Princeton Harlan (Mt. Pleasant)

District 11A Projected Champion: Mt. Pleasant

District 12A MVP: Cannon Rhodes (Perry County)

District 12A Projected Champion: Perry County


Tennessee Prep Hoops 6A All-Region Team:

MVP: Cannon Rhodes (Perry County)

Princeton Harlan (Mt. Pleasant)

Cody Jordan (Richland)

Peyton Mathis (Wayne County)

Jordan Chard (Summertown)

Matt Priest (Santa Fe)

Toby Frierson (Mt. Pleasant)

Craig Allen (Summertown)

Jacob Tucker (Perry County)

Will Boshers (Hampshire)


Honorable Mention:

Antwan Churchwell (Frank Hughes)

Chris Jackson (Culleoka)

Logan Montgomery (Collinwood)

Brett Boatright (Richland)

Austin Rice (Wayne County)

Briley Glass (Loretto)

Zach Johnson (Columbia Academy)


State Tournament Representatives: Perry County and Mt. Pleasant



Class A

Region 7A

Region Site: Peabody

District 13A MVP: Devon Bailey (Clarksburg)

District 13A Projected Champion: Dresden

District 14A MVP: Rafeal Tyler (Lake County)

District 14A Projected Champion: Lake County


Tennessee Prep Hoops 7A All-Region Team:

MVP: Rafeal Tyler (Lake County)

Devon Bailey (Clarksburg)

Tyler McPeak (Dresden)

Antonio Brooks (Humboldt)

Peyton Mosley (Union City)

Heath Crouse (Greenfield)

Tyler McCartney (Bradford)

Hayden Williams (Bruceton)

Derrick Swift (Lake County)

Tyler Gadlen (Peabody)


Honorable Mention:

Zay Coleman (Lake County)

Jamal Glenn (West Carroll)

Hunter Lowe (McKenzie)

Tevin Bryson (Humboldt)

Olajuwon Clark (Huntingdon)

Devon Jones (Lake County)



Class A

Region 8A

Region Site: TCA

District 15A MVP: James Burkley (Middleton)

District 15A Projected Champion: Middleton

District 16A MVP: Martavious Newby (BTW)

District 16A Projected Champion: BTW


Tennessee Prep Hoops 8A All-Region Team:

MVP: Martavious Newby (BTW)

Montreaze Gary (Westwood)

Terrell Jones (Northside)

Marquail Carson (MASE)

James Burkley (Middleton)

McCarty Maxwell (Madison)

Khalil Spencer (BTW)

Allante Milan (Westwood)

Thomas Barnes (TCA)

Tyron Smith (Middleton)

Honorable Mention:

Sam Edwards (Westwood)

Nick Hale (Scotts Hill)

Zamarles Griffin (BTW)

Kelvin Pruitt (MAHS)

Terrence Mujihead (Westwood)

Jamarius Anderson (MAHS)

Josh Shoate (Adamsville)


State Tournament Representatives: BTW and Westwood