Class A (Regions 1A-4A) Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams



As district play heats up all around the state this is the time when we select our All-Region Teams. I have been in contact with coaches from all over the state and gotten their input on which they thought were the most outstanding players in their respective districts and regions and have compiled my selections into the format which will be followed for each classification.



Class A

Region 1A

Region Site: Chuckey-Doak MS

District 1A MVP: Dylan McClellan (Cloudland)

District 1A Projected Champion: Cloudland

District 2A MVP: Tate Paxton (Cosby)

District 2A Projected Champion: Cosby


Tennessee Prep Hoops 1A All-Region Team:

MVP: Dylan McClellan (Cloudland)

John Crowe (University)

Jake Ledford (Cosby)

Zak Potter (Cloudland)

Cody McClain (Hampton)

Logan Carrier (Unaka)

Caleb Gibson (Hancock County)

Tate Paxton (Cosby)

Stetson Sexton (Hancock County)

Taylor Whitehead (Cloudland)


Honorable Mention:

Mason Carnett (Cloudland)

Marcus Taylor (University)

Billy Bales (Unaka)

Kendall Beeler (Washburn)

Matthew Weems (North Greene)

Andrew Adams (Cosby)

Will Hopper (J. Frank White)


Class A

Region 2A

Region Site: Wartburg Central

District 3A MVP: Preston Russell (Tellico Plains)

District 3A Projected Champion: Rockwood

District 4A MVP: Alex Fountain (Wartburg Central)

District 4A Projected Champion: Wartburg Central


Tennessee Prep Hoops 2A All-Region Team:

MVP: Alex Fountain (Wartburg Central)

Cody Malicoat (Jellico)

Preston Russell (Tellico Plains)

Bryce Kendrick (Grace Christian)

Jake Wright (Oneida)

Xavier Howard (Harriman)

Cleveland Davidson (Rockwood)

Caleb Ruffner (Midway)

Brad Richardson (Wartburg Central)

Trey Stewart (Grace Christian)


Honorable Mention:

Jacob Rechenbach (Berean Christian)

Kyle Gunter (Sunbright)

Cole West (Oneida)

Cody Hill (Coalfield)

Trevor Franklin (Greenback)

John Simms (Oliver Springs)

Brendan Kirkland (Rockwood)


State Tournament Representatives: Cloudland and Wartburg Central


Class A

Region 3A

Region Site:

District 5A MVP: Cory Nelson (Grace Baptist)

District 5A Projected Champion: Grace Baptist

District 6A MVP: Delaney Hethington (Lookout Valley)

District 6A Projected Champion: Lookout Valley


Tennessee Prep Hoops 3A All-Region Team:

MVP: Cory Nelson (Grace Baptist)

Sheldon Hitchcock (Van Buren)

Delaney Heathington (Lookout Valley)

Justin Ragsdale (Silverdale Academy)

Demetric Johnson (South Pittsburgh)

Stephen Record (Grace Baptist)

Frank Brogdan (CSAS)

Hall Allen (Boyd Buchanan)

William Long (Lookout Valley)

Justin Havis (Whitwell)


Honorable Mention:

Jake Dilbeck (Copper Basin)

Justus McMillan (Boyd Buchanan)

Jonathan Kurtz (CSAS)

Josh Smith (Grace Baptist)

Brandon Godwin (Sale Creek)

Class A

Region 4A

Region Site: Livingston Academy

District 1A MVP: Brannon Roop (Pickett County)

District 1A Projected Champion: Pickett County

District 2A MVP: Dalton Patterson (Friendship Christian)

District 2A Projected Champion: Friendship Christian


Tennessee Prep Hoops 4A All-Region Team:

MVP: Dalton Patterson (Friendship Christian)

KeAndre Bates (Watertown)

Brannon Roop (Pickett County)

Zach Castle (Monterey)

Garrett Stults (Clarkrange)

Mark Sandoval (Friendship Christian)

Cory Hamilton (Clay County)

Tyler Reeder (Gordonsville)

Dylan Hurst (Trousdale County)

Jessie McDowell (Jackson County)


Honorable Mention:

Kyle Hughes (Pickett County)

Jordan Strong (Clay County)

Allen Heaston (Friendship Christian)

Cody Henry (Clarkrange)

Josiah Smith (Watertown)

Peyton Ragland (Jackson County)

Kaleb Bush (Gordonsville)


State Tournament Representatives: Friendship Christian and Watertown