Celtics All Alone at Take 5ive


As the lone Tennessee representative in one of the summers first big events, the Nashville Celtics have the opportunity to turn some heads and make some new friends among college coaches.

The first day of the open period begins tomorrow and nowhere will there be more first day coaches than in Cincinnati for the adidas Take 5ive Classic.

The Celtics will have almost their entire lineup minus Kedren Johnson (Marshall County), who is putting the final touches on his comeback at the end of the month.

Casey Prather (Jackson Northside) and Austin Hollins (Germantown) will have the attention of the coaches from the jump. Not much else needs to be said about this duo but the remaining players can use this to their advantage while the coaches are in front of them.

Cody Henegar (Marion County), "King" Arthur McMillan (Hillsboro) and Levon Tate (Seigel) will find no shortage of big bodies to knock them around, its how they knock back that will be the key. Henegar is prime for a breakout close to his summer and Tate can prove he deserves more looks with a solid week of action.

Meiko Lyles (USN), Jeremy Purvis (Clarksville Northeast) and Mitchell Hill (Cookeville) can also use this time to increase their visibility for the remainder of July. Ish Sanders (Cleveland) has created a buzz for himself with solid play in April and May, lets keep that going till July comes to a close.