Carson Newman Showcase- The SEC

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No internet access in Nashville
on Tuesday so I had to wait till Wednesday morning when I got home to submit
the evaluations on the SEC.


The teams in this segment are Tennessee,
Mississippi State, Florida and Vanderbilt. Players will be
listed by camp number.


Tennessee (1-10)


1. Tyler Smith (Anderson County) 2010

Heady point guard who understands the game and is a solid
decision maker on the floor, especially on the break. Moves well without the
ball. Outside needs some improvement.


2. Brandon Logsden (Rhea County)

Solid shooter when left open especially from the baseline. Must
work on his ball-handling skills to expand his game.


3. Marcus Stewart (Cocke County)

Uses his body well to carve out position for offensive
boards and putbacks. Defends well and has a decent shooting stroke. At his size
needs to develop some point guard skills.


4. Zach Ballinger
(Carter) 2011

Played with more aggression than I have seen from him in the
past. Finished at the rim with his left hand. Has a really good stroke but
lacks confidence in his abilities.


5. Zach Sherrill
(Stone Memorial) 2010

Solid inside banger who has a great understanding of
positioning and is tough with his back to the basket. OK mid-range shot and
good on the glass. Plays hard on defense.


6. D.J. Kellogg (Hardin Valley)

Trying to prove he can play the point by becoming more of a
leader on the floor. Must work on his shot selection and give more effort on


7. Justin Wandell
(Elizabethton) 2012

Young man has a good feel for the game but must work on his
strength and skill level. Still very young but like we said has a good feel for
the game.


9. Aaron Allmon
(Austin East) 2012

Drives the ball hard and is very active on the floor. Looks
to pass first and has a nice floater in the lane. Must improve his shot to add


10. Brandon Perry
(Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2012

Youngster goes hard when on the floor and with his length
can finish around the bucket. As with most of the young ones strength is an
issue. Can also hit an open shot.



Mississippi State (11-20)


11. Brandon Lopez (Christ School)

Much improved outside stroke to go along with an unselfish
game that is dribble drive heavy in all the right places. Can be a better
defender when motivated.


12. Andy Farmer
(Grainger) 2010

Catch and shoot is an understatement as Farmer dropped
threes all day long this past Saturday. Will need to add some off the dribble
action to complement his deadly shot.


13. Tucker Parkerson
(Lenoir City) 2011

Another shooter who had a good day from deep. Must quicken
his release and not force the issue on offense. Runs the floor and finished on
the break as well.


14. Chase Fox (Knoxville Catholic) 2011

Big bodied youngster has a nice stroke from outside. Needs
to get himself in better basketball shape to be more effective.


15. Lester Wilson (Carter)

Next level athlete that is dynamic on the break and swooping
to the bucket for a flush finish. Must work on his handles to increase his
overall game, he's close.


16. Michael Widener
(Gibbs) 2011

Small guard needs to slow down his tempo and not try to do
so much. Very quick and always around the ball. Plays good defense but tends to
gamble a lot.


18. Sherrius Smith (Hardin Valley)

Pushes the ball on offense and looks to pass. Has a good
shot but tends to dribble too much.


19. Burton Sampson (Webb) 2013

Good athlete with length runs the floor and can score from
inside or out. Seems to always be around the ball on both ends of the floor.
Must improve defensive effort.



Florida (21-30)


21. Dylan Powers (Lenoir City)

Gives maximum effort and can really shoot the ball from
deep. Size will be a factor but Powers understands the game and makes things
happen. Goes hard on defense as well.


22. Justin Wakefield
(Hardin Valley) 2010

Came along as the camp progressed on both ends of the floor.
Good length, decent shooting stroke and good handles, should have a solid
senior campaign.


23. David Haskins
(Loudon) 2010

If everyone gave this effort, coaches would never have to
yell. Plays so hard on both ends and showed a much improved outside shot. Must
improve his ball handling.


24. Alex Fountain
(Wartburg Central) 2013

Long athlete with athletic skills and a nice mid-range shot.
Smooth player who could be lethal with added strength. Strength should aid his
shooting range as well.


25. Dennis Ramsey
(Claiborne) 2010

Inside banger with very soft hands and a nice lefty stroke,
especially in the paint. Can rebound and will block a shot. Must improve foot
speed and work on conditioning.


27. Tanner Torres (Anderson County) 2012

Improving youngster with sweet outside stroke has added some
nice moves off the dribble. A tough spinning reverse lay-up in traffic was one
of the better moves of the day.


29. Ben Arnold (Cumberland Gap) 2012

Slight built youngster has very high basketball acumen and
is a pass first type of combo guard. His lack of strength makes some things
hard for him to accomplish.


30. Corbin Lamb
(Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2013

Incoming freshman appeared tentative at first and forced
some shots early. As he gained some confidence his shot form was much better,
keep working young man.



Vanderbilt (31-40)


31. Dre Mattheiu (Knoxville Central) 2011

Shot the outside better than I have seen from him. A quick
point guard who has a pass first mentality and is quicker than most of his
opponents. Still tends to drive to deep.


32. Tyler Vittetoe (Union County)

One of the best contested shooters in the area. When his
stroke is live he's a deadly match-up. Working on his ball-handling and
decision-making. Defensive effort??


34. Antonio Dailey
(Austin East) 2010

Long athlete that plays hard and goes after every offensive
rebound. Tends to make things to difficult on offense instead of letting game
flow to him. Can finish around hoop.


35. Phillip Stephens
Catholic) 2011

Plays hard and gives maximum effort but needs to improve his
overall skill level. Work on hand strength, footwork and finishing from the
block. Will work hard to improve.


37. Darius Gallaher
(Harriman) 2011

Athlete with real quick hands that defends well and can make
some plays on offense. Needs to work on his scoring from the perimeter.


38. Jon McCroskey
(Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2012

Not a particularly great athlete but his length and high
basketball sense allow him to be effective with the ball. Improving shot just needs
some technique, has good vision.

39. Christian Chaffin
(Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2013

Really feeling his way at first with the older players but
gave effort while on the floor. Must work on his ball-handling and outside
shooting form.


40. Jake Wright (Oneida) 2012

Big kid grew on me as the camp wore on. Showed he could
finish inside with good hands and decent footwork. With added strength could be
very effective on high school level.