Carson Newman Showcase- The Big Ten

Let's take a look at the Big Ten.


Indiana (81-90)


81. Cody Carson (Oneida) 2010

Deceptive quickness and toughness, takes ball to the hole
strong and can absorb some contact. Really plays hard and shows a lot of
leadership from the point guard spot.


82. Braylen Bennett
(Carter) 2012

Long and athletic, Vitamin B has shown a much improved
outside stroke and can be a very good on-ball defender when motivated. Vocal
leader can raise the play of his teammates.


83. Micah Ballard
(William Blount) 2010

The lefty had one of the best camps of anyone in attendance.
Really understands the game and is tough as nails. Nice shot and crafty inside
with an array of moves that are effective even against bigger more athletic


84. Tyler Moore
(Sullivan South) 2010

Showed a very nice stroke from the outside on the catch and
shoot possession. Was more effective in the half-court game, understanding the
offensive flow much better.


85. Dwight Tarwater (Knoxville Webb) 2010

Impressed all with his better than advertised athleticism,
especially while running the floor in transition. Had a nice outside stroke and
a very good feel for the game, D1 talent.


86. Alex Thomas
(Ensworth) 2011

Effective using his basketball savvy to create scoring opps.
Good shooter finished at the rim inside and was especially good in the passing
lanes with deflections off the ball.


87. D.J. Currier (Oakdale)

Long, athletic youngster had a nice camp showing a better
than average outside shooting touch. Was effective in either the up tempo or
half court set and ran the floor well.


88. James Cravens (Cumberland County) 2010

Very long for a 6'2 player which aided in his penchant for
fighting on the offensive and defensive boards. Stuck a few put backs, will
need to work on his perimeter skills.


89. Andrew Barnett
(Pigeon Forge) 2012

Good feel for the game despite his youth and decent size as
well. Showed a nice stroke from the perimeter and played unselfish on the
offensive end of the floor.



Illinois (91-100)


91. Jeremy Whitmore
(Raleigh-Egypt) 2010

Came a long way but showed out for sure. He was solid
leading the break or busting down a hapless defender for a tough finish at the
glass. Has a good outside stroke and played determined defense.


92. Sam Hodge (Jefferson County) 2010

Crafty guard who showed a nice deep stroke on the three from
the left side. Has a good feel for the game and was especially effective in the
half-court, very heady player.


93. C.J. Alred (Clinton) 2010

He became one of the talks of the camp according to the
coaches in attendance, with a strong outside shot and a much improved game off
the dribble. Really rose to the occasion using his dribble drive to finish at
the rim or step back and drain the shot.


94. Clark
DeBusk (Claiborne) 2010

He shined with his length as a help defender, getting
numerous deflections and ending possessions for the opponent. Can make some
shots and always makes good decisions.  


95. Tyler Turner (Unicoi County)

Big bodied youngster understands his role on the floor and
carved out space for easy buckets. Has good hands and can stroke a three if
feet are set, needs to get in good condition to be more effective for a longer
period of time.


96. Jack Montague (Brentwood) 2012

The quintessential point guard that always keeps his head up
and looks for easy scoring opportunities for his teammates describes this
hard-working youngster. Very good defender can also score if needed and has one
of the finest tuned basketball minds of a kid his age I have seen.


98. Travis Elliott (Anderson County) 2012

An underclassman with an aggressive mentality on the glass
and the defensive end of the floor should serve him well inn the future. Ok
shooter will work to get better, plays with confidence has a bright future.


100. Daniel Newman (Anderson County) 2013

This youngster is still learning the game but has a knack on
the boards. Keeps his rebounds high and runs the floor well. His scoring will
come as his confidence grows.



Michigan (101-110)


101. Tyler Wilkerson
(Rhea County) 2010

 He was a pleasant
surprise that played with some grit and managed to command attention with the
ball from his defender. Scored in a variety of ways, shot is decent, needs
quicker release. He used his change of speeds to his advantage getting easy
scoring opportunities.


102. Brandon Roth
(Karns) 2010

A good shooter who needed more shot opportunities from his
teammates. He played better in the half-court set on both ends of the floor,
when the tempo was more consistent.


103. Landon Hunley
(Farragut) 2010

Good player waiting to explode with a nice feel for the game
off the dribble and an effective outside stroke. Long and athletic he shines
finishing hard to the bucket in transition.


104. Jylman Ross
(Austin East) 2010

Long athlete who crashes the boards often without regard for
his safety. Not a skilled offensive player but effective enough to get some
easy buckets on hustle and desire. Shoots ok.


105. Elliott
Satterfield (Jefferson
County) 2011

He battled hard in the half-court set, passed well out of
the double team and moved well up and down the floor, even finishing with his
left. Footwork drills could make him much more effective.


106. Will Thompson (Oak Ridge) 2011

Plays with effort and does some things well. Can shoot the
ball when open and feet are set, goes to the boards hard could really improve
with more ball skill work and quicken his shot release.


107. Lucas Branch (Knoxville Catholic) 2011

Very much improved off the bounce, showed confidence in his
dribble and can really shoot the ball when he's completely in the game. Quick 1st
step can be a deadly weapon if his shot is falling.  


109. Christian Haile
(Shelbyville) 2012

His staple is on the defensive end where he uses his size
and athleticism to be a disruptive defender. Much improved on offense in the
scoring department, still needs work on his ball skills.



Ohio State (111-120)


111. Cory Billingsley
(Sweetwater) 2011

Lefty has a nice change of pace dribble that keeps more
athletic defenders off balance. Decent outside stroke still needs to quicken
his release and is most fond of coming off screens and draining shots or using
his body to creative finishes.


112. Jeramie Haney (Cocke County)

Another player who does a lot of things well, he can score
from mid-range or deep and uses his body to create tough chances inside. He must
use his athletic build to improve on the defensive end of the floor.


113. Mykal Titlow
(Greenback) 2010

Deceptive leaper is solid on the boards and gets his share
of tough buckets inside. Will step out and shoot, must quicken that release and
needs to improve his ball skills.


115. Jason Steele (Johnson County) 2011

Understands his strengths and weaknesses, thus boxes out
effectively and has a nice repertoire of inside scoring moves, including a
sweet hook shot. Will dive on the floor for loose ball and can hit a mid-range
shot. He needs to improve his lateral quickness and athleticism.


116. Ethan Simpson (Campbell County) 2013

Just a freshman so strength and size still a year or two
away. He showed he could score the rock from outside when his feet were set and
played hard showing no fear.


118. Brock Rowan
(Stone Memorial) 2013

One of the best stand still shooters despite his youth is a
much better help defender with his penchant for deflecting errant passes. Strength
will increase his shooting range and on ball defensive skills.


119. Dalton Keck (CAK) 2012

Has improved his skill set seemingly each time on the floor.
His body is getting stronger and his game is expanding as well. Can shoot and
is becoming a nice weapon on offense.


120. Logan Baliff (Cherokee) 2010

The lefty with the big body was a favorite of the staff with
his hustle and deceptive skill level. He attacked the bucket, shot well, played
numerous positions and defended solidly.