Carson Newman Showcase- The Big East

Let's take a look at the Big East. Those teams were UConn, Louisville, Cincinnati
and Villanova.


UConn (41-50)


41. Tyler Whitman
(Ooltewah) 2010

Point guard who slows the tempo and can hit the open shot.
Looks to pass in the half court and is deceptive with his handle.


42. Jaeland Lawson
(Bearden) 2011

Dynamic ball-handler has great speed but gets going to fast
and creates turnovers. Good shooter but can be more creative off the bounce,
ultra quick. Defends when motivated.


44. Phillip Stanford
West) 2010

Good size and has a game reminiscent of a veteran with
crafty inside moves and tough put backs. He wants to be a guard, must tighten
handles, has good vision and hustles.


45. Logan Blair (Sullivan South) 2010

Good hands and finishes well when he has created position.
Understands to pass from double team and is a solid rebounder. Can score with
both hands, work on footwork.


46. Nathan Lester (Lenoir City)

Small youngster played better as the camp rolled along. Gets
to the rim and can finish despite size differential. Has some grit to his play
and gets teammates involved.


47. Jonathan Presley
(Stone Memorial) 2013

Played a bit tentative at first but gradually gained his
confidence. Still small and needs strength but has a basketball IQ and was a
very good area defender in the zone game.


48. Jordan Steele (Knoxville West) 2010

Showed some decent handles and finished when he went to the
basket. Has a nice shot. He must work harder on the defensive end of the floor.


49. Davis Soehn (Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2013

Good size for a freshman and plays hard keeping offensive
boards alive and just simply playing with effort. Work on his handles and shot
to become a wing, has a future.


50. Darryl Sligh
(Austin East) 2013

Thin athletic youngster who gave effort and made some shots
from the outside. Still young but his effort was inspiring, looks to improve a
great deal this high school season.



Louisville (51-60)


51. Dion Fair
(Bearden) 2011

Runs a team and looks to pass first with post entry or off
the penetration. Must make better decisions with the ball and play harder on
defense. Can score with floater.


52. Caleb Parsons (Cumberland County) 2010

Very impressed with Parsons, showed a good handle and
finished at the rim. Not especially quick but able to get where he needed to
go, very creative player.


53. Dominic Ratliff (Hardin Valley)

Has a good lefty stroke from mid-range but doesn't use this
weapon to his advantage often enough. Makes things harder than they should be,
just let the game come to you.


55. Anthony Page
(Austin East) 2010

Opportunistic athlete, very active on the boards and tries
to tip in everything instead of gathering and finishing. Shoots decent and runs
the floor.


56. Josiah Rechenbach
(Fulton) 2011

Has a nice feel for the game and does shoot the ball well
when can get open. More strength would allow him to use the dribble and finish.


57. Joey Macourek
(Powell) 2012

Runs the point and always look for the open man. Must
improve his outside shooting stroke and quicken his release to make it more of
a weapon for himself.


58. Franz Springmann
(Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2012

Youngster took time to acclimate himself to the speed and
strength of the game. Showed he could put the ball on the floor and with
strength will be able to finish his drives.


59. Henry Brooks
(McGavock) 2011

Vocal leader who plays with heart and hustle on both ends of
the floor. Sets screens and fights for rebounds. Must work on his handles.


60. Dusty Nickles (Jefferson County) 2011

Big man showed a soft jumper from outside and posted up and
used his size to score inside as well. Must get in better condition to run the



Cincinnati (61-70)


61. Kyle Wash
(Elizabethton) 2010

Small guard seems more comfortable in the shooting guard
role. Can create own shot and has nice bounce off the floor. His shooting must
improve at this spot.


62. Brett Wade (Knoxville Central) 2010

Showed some versatility running the point but still knocked
down patented jumper. Played unselfish and looked to pass. Uses speed to score
off the dribble as well.


63. TaShawn Kelly (Knoxville Central) 2010

Good defender from the help position with deflections and
steals to stop possessions. Got to the rim with ease but had trouble finishing.
Must slow down a bit to more effective.


64. Caleb Barrett (Knoxville West) 2010

Undersized inside but grabs boards out of his area to keep
possessions alive. Can catch and shoot but must add some dribble drive moves to
facilitate a move to the wing.


65. Joey Boedwig (Knoxville Catholic) 2011

Big boy banged all day long and was effective when the game
was played at a slower pace in the half court. Needs to work on his footwork
and hands but was effective.


66. Landon Hilton (Lenoir City)

Small, scrappy position defender who gives maximum effort,
especially on the defensive end of the floor. Showed some leadership ability
and has decent handles as well.


67. David Sweet
(Claiborne) 2010

Vocal leader when he was in the game ire regardless of his
position. Took ball hard to the basket and passes well from the wing.


69. V.J. Brown (Hardin Valley)

Played with some reservation at first but became more
comfortable as the camp wore on. Has the ability to shoot just needs to get
shot off quicker, good passer to the post.


70. Cayman Dial (LaVergne)

Great size, good speed, finished off the break with the
flush or took it hard to the bucket. Hit some deep threes and seemed receptive
to instruction. Must finish better to the rim.



Villanova (71-80)


71. Mason Fox (Stone
Memorial) 2010

Tough hardnosed defender is not a great athlete but goes so
hard it makes no difference. Improving shot and a crafty slice to the bucket
for the tough finishes. Simply a winner.


72. Andrew Pickwell
(Sullivan South) 2010

Better athlete than he appears, blocked some shots and got
high for some tough boards. Decent shooter took some hard drives to the bucket.
Must make better decisions.


74. Jamison Baker
(Austin East) 2011

Extraordinary leaper with long arms and a decent handle.
Needs work on his outside stroke and must temper his runs to the bucket, tends
to leave his feet too easily.


75. Alan Holt (Anderson County) 2011

Plays with so much passion and effort. Has some post moves
just needs to execute them quicker and work on his footwork as well. Improve his
shooting will increase his scoring.


76. Evan Forhetz
(Ravenwood) 2011

Really improved his point guard skills with his penetration
and looking for the open post in the half court. Has a sweet stroke and is
fearless despite his size. Tough defender.


77. Ross Cannon
(Knoxville Halls) 2012

Has added some size to his frame, which gives him more range
for his nice lefty stroke. Can drain from deep but must watch his shot
selection. Work on ball skills.


78. Parker Ratcliff
(Pigeon Forge) 2012

Gained confidence as the camp rolled along with his
unselfish play on offensive end of the floor setting screens and moving without
the ball.


79. Nathan Sherrod (Jefferson County) 2011

Pushes the ball and takes it hard to the glass for some
creative finishes in traffic. Showed a decent outside stroke and ran the floor
on the break as well.


80. Spencer Peake
(Bearden) 2011

Had a nice shooting stroke but tended to stay out on the
perimeter to often. Has good size, so developing some inside game to go with
shooting stroke. Foot speed needs work.