Carson Newman Showcase- The ACC

Finally the last two teams on the list make up the ACC.


North Carolina (121-130)


121. Jared Hilton (Lenoir City)

Diminutive and cerebral with a head for the game, he showed
some leadership and was vocal as he ran the show. Opportunistic scorer got open
off the high ball screen.


122. Hunter
Burchfield (Greenback) 2010

Another smaller guard who has a motor and shoots the ball
effectively when open. Does an excellent job of getting back on defense and
limiting easy baskets in transition. Always plays hard.


123. Ty McBrayer
(William Blount) 2010

He loves to do most of his scoring off the dribble with
penetration and can force some shots at times. He has a nice build, can score
and makes smart decisions with the pass.


124. Chase Buckner (Union County)

Seems to have lost some confidence in his game and is
forcing the issue at times. He can score off the bounce, good athlete,
improving outside shot but plays the game very right-handed. He needs to add
some strength which will help him finish those nice drives to the bucket and increase
his shooting range.


126. Devin Robinson
(Ravenwood) 2012

He plays aggressive and wants to break you down on offense.
He can score with a nice stroke, improving floater in the lane, a must for all
small guards, and easy transition buckets. Tends to gamble on defense.


127. Blake Arnold (Cumberland Gap) 2013

Thin youngster has a good feel for the game and knows how to
play just lacks strength to implement some of those heady basketball thoughts.
He has a nice one dribble pull-up that was effective.


128. Robert Troino
(Stone Memorial) 2012

You can see his basketball savvy as he goes about his
business on the floor; he just needs to add strength to get some of these things
done. He can shoot but will need to get his shot off much quicker.


129. Eric Baxmann
(Carter) 2013

He will need to adjust to the speed and strength of the high
school game and he seemed to get more comfortable as the game moved along.
Showed he could shoot the ball when open.



Clemson (131-140)


132. McKinley Maples
(Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2010

We were so impressed with the vocal leadership displayed by
Maples and the way he let the game come to him. He has an outstanding stroke
and gave maximum effort on defense at all times.


133. Jordan Harris (Chattanooga Christian)

Played very well throughout the showcase, showed he was unselfish
and worked hard without the ball to get open. Thick, strong body kept him from
being deterred as he drove the lane, he has made strides but must continue to
tighten his handles and perfect his outside stroke.


134. Alex Kiser
(Stone Memorial) 2011

Much more effective in the half-court set on the offensive
side of the ball but ran the floor well for easy transition buckets, interesting.
Uses his body to create scoring opportunities and with increased strength could
be very effective inside.


135. Jordan Cross
(Sullivan East) 2011

Becoming more effective off the dribble and is a pure rhythm
shooter. A very unselfish wing that looks to the post and moves without the
ball to find the open shooting lanes. Understands the game and gets scoring
chances on intelligent play.


137. Eric Meadows (Clinton) 2012

He has an effective shot, just needs to get it up from in
front of his face to get more rotation and balance. Pushes the ball on the
break but must develop an off hand to compliment his game.


138. Hunter Smoak (Hardin Valley)

One of those players everyone notices because of the hustle
and determination he gives while on the floor. Scrappy defender and an
opportunistic scorer he is the glue guy that all teams wish to have.


139. Donya Burnett
(Riverdale) 2012

This kid has absolutely great size and is not afraid to go
hard to the bucket. He could be much more effective with the drive with better
handles but he is young and he works hard. He can shoot and is much too good an
athlete to gamble so much on defense.


140. Dominique Canty
(Austin East) 2010

This small point guard has good vision but tends to get out
of control and forces things at times. He must become a better shooter to give him
some options with the ball. He is very effective breaking down his defender.