Basketball and Life

My team has had many ups and downs this year. Our record is 9-9. We played Jackson northside Friday and we lost in a close one 81-79. I had a game high 34 points. It was a tough game, but we bounced back Saturday. We played powerhouse Memphis Mitchell. Mitchell, in my opinion, has five Division I players. It was a battle from the tipoff. Our point guard, Kenny Greer, who has fought injury all season had a breakout game with 27 points. I finished with 33. We won 82-81, it was an instant classic.

From the basketball view, I've been nominated as a McDonald All-American along with 19 others.  I hope that Tennessee has several representatives.  The players who do not participate in the game should still carry a smile.  It's truly a blessing to be nominated. I wanna give special thanks to Big Dre (Andre Whitehead) who nominated the players from the state. School has been alright.  Some of my teachers show no love though.  They know that I have games, and they still want to cram me with homework.  Give me a break!  During our homecoming, I was voted king.  It took forever for everything to be over with.  I started to walk off the court and get dressed.  I was ready to play some basketball.  After I got crowned I ran to the locker room.  A parent asked me did I have my jersey on under my suit.  I smiled at on the look out for my next entry.  I am "The Truth"