2012 State Tournament Scoring and Averages



An interesting state tournament to say the least and congrats to the three winners Friendship Christian in Class A, CPA in Class AA and Memphis East in Class AAA.


As we have done all season I have put together the top scoring performances from the state tournament and here they are.


Daijon Williams (Clarksville) 34pts vs. Memphis Central

Khalil Spencer (BTW) 33pts vs. Lake County

Nick King (Memphis East) 31pts vs. Science Hill

Garrett Mullinicks (McEwen) 29pts vs. Cloudland

Andre Applewhite (Memphis Central) 29pts vs. Clarksville

Brock Rowan (Stone Memorial) 27pts vs. Livingston Academy

Brandon Cole (Stone Memorial) 27pts vs. CPA

Andre Applewhite (Memphis Central) 26pts vs. Memphis East

C.J. Good (Science Hill) 25pts vs. Memphis East

Brandon Cole (Stone Memorial) 25pts vs. Livingston Academy

Martavious Newby (BTW) 25pts vs. Lake County

Jacob Tucker (Perry County) 24pts vs. McEwen

Vic Wharton (CPA) 23pts vs. Spring Hill

Craig Bradshaw (CPA) 23pts vs. Mitchell

Andre Applewhite (Memphis Central) 23pts vs. Ooltewah

Nick King (Memphis East) 22pts vs. Blackman

Zach Howard (Science Hill) 22pts vs. Memphis East

Craig Bradshaw (CPA) 21pts vs. Stone Memorial

Mark Sandoval (Friendship Christian) 21pts vs. McEwen

Garrett Mulliicks (McEwen) 21pts vs. Friendship Christian

Matt Butler (Memphis East) 20pts vs. Memphis Central

Jalen Lindsey (CPA) 20pts vs. Spring Hill

Kielan Blanks (Spring Hill) 20pts vs. CPA

Zac Potter (Cloudland) 20pts vs. McEwen

Cory Nelson (Grace Baptist) 20pts vs. Friendship Christian


Class A

(Minimum of 2 Games)

Garrett Mullinicks (McEwen) 25.0

Jacob Tucker (Perry County) 16.3

Cannon Rhodes (Perry County) 15.0

Derrick Swift (Lake County) 14.0

Mark Sandoval (Friendship Christian) 13.0

Allen Heaston (Friendship Christian) 12.3


Class AA

Brandon Cole (Stone Memorial) 26.0

Craig Bradshaw (CPA) 20.3

Jalen Lindsey (CPA) 16.3

Brock Rowan (Stone Memorial) 16.0

Tavarius Gause (Liberty Tech) 16.0

Vic Wharton (CPA) 16.0

Jake Allsmiller (CPA) 14.3

Aquarius Stevenson (Mitchell) 11.3

Nathan Cole (Mitchell) 10.0


Class AAA

Andre Applewhite (Memphis Central) 26.0

Nick King (Memphis East) 24.0

Daijon Williams (Clarksville) 21.5

C.J. Good (Science Hill) 19.0

Matthew Butler (Memphis East) 13.7

Zach Howard (Science Hill) 13.5

Will Adams (Science Hill) 13.0

Myron Johnson (Memphis Central) 12.7

Earvin Morris (Memphis East) 12.7

Anthony Hightower (Clarksville) 11.0

D'Arrius Sorrell (Memphis Central) 10.3