2008 CBL Scoring Leaders

adonis thomas.jpg

It's playoff time in the 2008 CBL Memphis Fall League and here are the leaders in the categories of scoring, rebounding and assists.



Adonis Thomas (Melrose) 20.0

Anthony Jones (Raleigh-Egypt) 19.6

Joseph Northington (Manassas) 19.6

Jamal Conley (Melrose) 19.3

Chris Crawford (Sheffield) 19.2

Ronald Brown (Raliegh-Egypt) 18.8

Chris Mason (Melrose) 18.4

"Mighty" Chris Jones (Melrose) 18.3

Quinton Lowe (Melrose) 15.5

Joe Brady (Raleigh-Egypt) 13.7

Larrick Flowers (Kirby) 13.2


Ronald Brown (Raleigh-Egypt) 8.8

Jamal Conley (Melrose) 8.7

"Mighty" Chris Jones (Melrose) 8.7

Joe Brady (Raleigh-Egypt) 8.5

Reggie Fondren (Raleigh-Egypt) 8.5

Adonis Thomas (Melrose) 8.0

Chris Crawford (Sheffield) 7.6

Nate Rucker (Melrose) 7.0

Dominique Shaw (?) 6.3

Rashad Harris (Raleigh-Egypt)


Chris Crawford (Sheffield) 5.4

"Mighty" Chris Jones (Melrose) 4.5

Adonis Thomas (Melrose) 3.8

Anthony Jones (Raleigh-Egypt) 2.6

Reggie Fondren (Raleigh-Egypt) 2.5

Stay tuned for more info from the CBL as it comes our way.