Woods Named MVP at Rocky Top Fall League…Carter Takes Scoring Title

The Rocky Top Fall League came to an end last Saturday at MaryvilleCollege with Team Matthews staying unbeaten and capturing the title.

We have selected our All-League Teams for this year including our MVP. One of our criteria was attendance of at least 5 games to make the All-League teams and the final scoring list.


Here we go.


Rocky Top High   School Fall League All-League Teams


First Team

Levi Woods (Meigs County) MVP

Zak Carter (Hardin Valley)

Devin Sibley (Karns)

Isaac Merian (Oak Ridge)

Tyler Yoder (Stone Memorial)


Second Team

John Fulkerson (Dobyns-Bennett)

Tyler Nichols (Elizabethton)

Justin Simmons (Stone Memorial)

Isaac Edmiston (Maryville)

Brady Nease (Union County)


Third Team

Zeke Clark (Elizabethton)

Sam Gregory (Bradley Central)

Darius Filer (Fulton)

Brice Cusick (Jefferson County)

Nico White (Alcoa)


Honorable Mention

Austin Arrington (Seymour)

Grayson Ball (Sullivan North)

Jordan Bowden (Carter)

Tyler Brewster (Lenoir City)

John Bryant (Jefferson County)

Gunnar Gibson (Seymour)

Taylor Hawkins (Sequoyah)

Ryan Henry (Knoxville Catholic)

Kelvin Jackson (Fulton)

Alex Watkins (Tyner Academy)

Kenny White (Knoxville Halls)



Rocky Top Final Scoring Leaders (Five Game Minimum)

Zak Carter (Hardin Valley) 22.4

Isaac Merian (Oak Ridge) 18.2

Devin Sibley (Karns) 18.0

Levi Woods (Meigs County) 16.3

Isaac Edmiston (Maryville) 15.8

Nico White (Alcoa) 15.2

Tyler Yoder (Stone Memorial) 15.2

Brice Cusick (Jefferson County) 14.8

Brady Nease (Union County) 14.4

Gunnar Gibson (Seymour) 14.2

John Bryant (Jefferson County) 13.8

Austin Arrington (Seymour) 13.5

Tyler Nichols (Elizabethton) 13.5

John Fulkerson (Dobyns-Bennett) 13.3

Zeke Clark (Elizabethton) 12.3

Taylor Hawkins (Sequoyah) 12.2

Grayson Ball (Sullivan North) 12.0

Ryan Henry (Knoxville Catholic) 12.0

Jordan Bowden (Carter) 11.8

Justin Simmons (Stone Memorial) 11.8

Alex Watkins (Tyner Academy) 11.6

Darius Filer (Fulton) 11.5

Kelvin Jackson (Fulton) 11.3

Kendrick Thompson (Cleveland) 11.3