WANTED: My Visit to Chatt

It's time to Speak the Truth once again....
My visit to Chatt was unbelievable!  When I went on an official visit, trust me, I went on an official visit.  The Chattanooga coaching staff did their thing.  When I say that they did their thing, they did their thang!
I met with the coaches at the Waffle House, and the food was delicious.  My coaches checked me into the hotel.  When I got to the door of my room, I was already in trouble.  I knew I was wanted in the city of Chattanooga.  I was wanted for possession of deadly basketball skills.
I was laughing cause they actually made everything feel like home.   I was laughing so hard cause once again I felt "wanted."  I called some of my friends real quick after that.  The coaches made my night.
Then I went on campus and met some of the academic people and staff.  I went into the locker room, and loved everything about the atmosphere.  I was hot you all.  I thought the police department were on their way to come scoop me up and take me to jail or something.  I was just smiling.
We then went to eat at this place where they had some of the best wings in town.  I ate good as well as my father and the coaches. 
I felt in love with them, and I had a million dollar smile. 
The smile went away cause I knew that they were all nice and stuff, but as soon as I come down there, they are going to treat me like dirt.  They are going to kill me in the weight room, kill me on the court, and kill me in any other way you can think of....ha ha.  I know the process.  They will talk good to you to get you to come, but as soon as you get down there you are through.....people, people, people...you know I'm just telling The Truth.