Vanderbilt Showcase: The Big East

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Sorry for the delay, many things are happening in the world
of high school hoops. Let's move on with the Big East. Look for the Big Ten and
ACC probably on Saturday.



UConn 41-50 (Royal


41. Jack Montague (Brentwood) 5'11 PG 2012

"The Natural" is as steady on the floor as a poised surgeon
preparing for surgery. Off the charts basketball IQ and a team first mentality
make him one of the true rising stars in this class, statewide. Improving deep
shooter and confident mid-range artist, Jack can defend and plays in straight
lines, no wasted motion, very impressive.


42. Aaron Hyndman (Creek
Wood) 6'7 C 2010

Functional big man played with inspired effort and proved to
be most effective, as most big men are, in the more controlled games. He will
expand his skills with more gym time because he plays hard while on the floor.
Improved skill and foot work make him a candidate for the next level.


43. Craig Bradshaw
(Greenbrier) 6'3 SG 2012

Heady and gifted, "The Professor" is one hard charging dude,
always active and going hard to the front of the rim and finishing with
contact. So intense on defense he creates offense with steals, deflections and
understanding switches and creating havoc in the passing lanes. His outside
game is coming along and as he improves his dribble drive and pop, his stock is
on a meteoric rise towards the top.


44. Teraes Clemmons (Mt. Juliet)
6'5 WF 2010

Very few players at the showcase could match up with his
size and skill level. Wanted to take the ball the length of floor and score at
times, showing he could play some guard, but was much more effective using his
size to drive from the wing and finish or drop his nice lefty stroke from the
baseline. He played very hard on defense never giving an inch.


45. Henry Brooks
(McGavock) 6'1 SG 2011

His forte is defense and he plays with gusto and
abandonment, guarding all over the court. The offensive game is coming along
and he scores off cuts to the bucket and being active. Improving his
ball-handling and shooting skills will allow him to become a more rounded


47. Joseph McMahon
(Cornersville) 5'10 SG 2013

Physically overmatched but showed some gumption and never
backed down which is what we look for in the younger players. Had a nice
outside shot which will get better as he gains confidence and strength.


48. Danny McGrath (Brentwood Academy) 6'2 PG 2013

I loved the demeanor of this young guy on the floor; he
played with confidence and showed he would not back down from the older kids.
Played hard but seemed a bit reluctant on offense which is natural as he proves
himself to the elders. Lefty stroke is capable. I liked his effort.


49. Austin Moore (Smyrna) 6'2 SG 2011

A solid shooter when open he needs to be more aggressive on
the offensive side of the floor. Good length allowed him to be solid on


50. Caymon Dial
(LaVergne) 6'5 WF 2012

A very good athlete who can run and jump all day, is not all
that defines this youngster. Exceptional rebounder with his leaping ability and
a nice outlet passer after the board, his offensive game is coming along. He
has a nice shot and goes hard to the bucket but still must finish some of those
tremendous forays to the glass.




Louisville 51-60 (Kelly Green)


51. Hollis Edwards
(McGavock) 5'10 PG 2010

Edwards understands his role as team leader and the quarterback
of the offense. He plays a smart game and will make you pay if you underestimate
his offensive ability. Not a strong scorer but does enough to keep opposing
defenders honest and can drop the mid-range when he's feeling it.


52. Emmanuel Andrews
(Shelbyville) 5'10 SG 2010

Active, tough the same adjectives we have used for years on
E-Man still apply to his game. He is a scorer, plain and simple, he believes
its incumbent upon him to score the ball and help his team win. Shot selection
can be questioned at times but effort cannot, especially on the defensive end
where he is always looking to pilfer a pass or strip a hapless defender for an
easy two.


54. John Ross Glover
(USJ) 6'4 WF 2012

Love to watch him play, his game tempo is so steady and he
can score in so many ways it's unbelievable. He can score off the dribble with
a nice pull up or from deep with a fundamental stroke, grabs tough boards and
convert and is quite comfortable with his back to the basket or facing up on
the wing. Versatility is what has made him grow and what keeps him in the


55. Jared Wright
(Summertown) 6'5 PF/C 2011

Surprised with his ability to score when the game was in the
half court mode and he was matched in the post. He moves ok without the ball and
showed good hands on some questionable "entry" passes. I believe he will have a
good season.


56. Cody Bybee (Creek
Wood) 5'9 PG 2011

Strength kept him from doing what he wanted with the ball
but he was active and played solid defense. He could see the play materialize
but often waited to long for it to develop and then the action passed him up.


57. Kyle Carter (Smyrna) 5'8 PG 2011

Kyle was very impressive in the drills and a nice court
demeanor as well. Small in stature but capable on the court, he will need to
work on the post entry but he had a feel for the game that was obvious when
observing his action on the court.


58. Devin Robinson
(Ravenwood) 5'10 PG 2012

Has a high level of basketball IQ and understands what is
expected from his position when he is on the floor. Offensively he will grow as
he gains confidence and overall strength, I caution him about pounding the ball
entirely too much, be the lead guard and make things happen, he is more than


59. John Paul Liederbach
(Ravenwood) 6'5 PF 2012

A big youngster with good size who moved well on offense,
but is still learning his way on the defensive side of the ball. He spent a lot
of time around the perimeter, which will be ok, but establish the inside
presence then expand the game as you mature.


60. Clay Barnes (Santa Fe) 6'2 PF 2012

Thick youngster showed a consistent short shot when open. He
will need to get in better shape basketball wise and get some lift on his shot
to incorporate more consistency.



Cincinnati 61-70 (Kelly Green)


61. Charles Hogan (Oakland) 5'8 PG 2011

Plays a very aggressive style on both ends of the floor but
will need to become a better ball handler to run the point at this level. He
showed some offensive confidence and made some shots but forced a few which
ties into decision making from the lead guard spot.


62. DeBrell McLemore
(Franklin) 5'11
PG 2010

A brilliant first step and good handles give Big Mac the
chance to score at any time on any possession. Has a nice and consistent jumper
but will have to make some transition into the role of point guard as he
becomes the leader of his squad. He can do it.


64. Xavier Darden
(Creek Wood) 6'0 PG 2010

X plays with effort which is always a plus on either side of
the ball and has the ability to score if the need calls for that. He has a good
outside shot and will push the ball up the floor looking for the open man like
a true point guard should.


65. Isaiah Harrison (Hillsboro) 6'7 PF 2011

Harrison has made massive
strides in his development in a very short time. He showed some solid post
moves on the block and using some new spins into the lane, he must finish
better, but is advancing nicely. Strength and confidence take him to the next level.


66. Joey Macourek
(Powell) 5'9 PG 2012

Before one his games he told me I'm taking the big guy and
the look in his eyes told me he would do it. Improving every time on the floor,
Joey has added a lot of upper body strength and its shows as he finishes around
the rim better off the drive. Improving his stroke and ball skills is next on
the agenda.


67. Greg Brooks (Cane
Ridge) 5'9 PG 2013

Has grasped the role of point guard and as he gets bigger
and stronger will expound on this notion. Brooks looks to pass first, finds the
open man, goes hard and can finish at the rim. His ball-handling needs
tightening and becoming more of an offensive threat as he grows older.


69. Tanner Newton
(Harpeth) 5'9 PG 2013

Fearless and understands the game at this youthful juncture
in his playing life. Not afraid to box out bigger and stronger guys, plays
tough and doesn't force shots; he's already on his way. Decent shooter will
grow offensively as he gains strength.


70. Jordan Cash (Independence) 6'1 SG 2012

Good size for a youngster and a solid feel for the flow and
tempo of the game. Cash can score and shoots the ball effectively. He runs the
floor going hard to the bucket as well.




Villanova 71-80


71. Antwan Vanlier
(Hunter's Lane) 6'0 PG 2010

Played well at the showcase showing he could shoot, but
tends to be flat footed on his misses. He has good vision and will give it up
to the open man but at times will force the issue and make a questionable decision.
Working on his left hand and going that direction will increase his
productivity. Good senior year awaits him for sure.


72. Zavion Williams (West
Creek) 5'10 PG 2011

Z plays so hard he can become out of control at times but
his tempo is what separates him from the pack. Excessively quick and hard
nosed, Williams will crash the boards and convert easy buckets, then make a
spectacular pass for an easy score.


73. Jonathan Fields
(White's Creek) 6'3 SG 2010

Thin athlete is playing with a great deal of confidence
right now and he is primed for a breakout senior campaign this season. Fields
can score from the outside with an unorthodox but effective shot and can use
his length to finish at the rim. Plays hard defense and is an exceptional


74. Dillon Stinnett (Marshall County) 6'3 SG 2011

Nice outside stroke and moved well without the ball, gave
Stinnett some scoring opportunities in the games. He went hard to glass off the
dribble and used his length to show he was an opportunistic defender.


75. Vincent Dotson
(Creek Wood) 6'5 PF 2010

Vinnie showed a massive improvement in his foot work and
explosion at the showcase. He had numerous drop step dunks and grabbed every
carom on both ends of the floor, often resulting in an additional flush on his
unsuspecting defender. Blocked a few shots, like always, I think he's a huge
sleeper out there for someone to snatch up..and now.


76. Cornelius Elder
(Ensworth) 5'9 PG 2013

Exceptional point guard mentality for one so youthful. Elder
sees the floor and uses his ultra quickness to make his teammates better and
very appreciative as they run the floor and are rewarded for their efforts with
a nice dish for an easy score. He can score offensively and as he gets bigger
and stronger the sky is the limit.


77. Edward Lightford
(Smyrna) 5'8 PG

Small youngster showed a nice feel for the lead guard spot
with some unselfish passing and under control tempo implementation. Defensively
got his hands in the passing lanes and gave effort continuously.


78. Devin McClain
(Goodpasture) 5'10 SG 2012

Nice early skill set for a determined youngster. Plays with
a very active style and is a very good on-ball defender, which was rare to say
the least. Skilled offensively he could be a name we need to archive for the


79. Seth Wright (Summertown)
6'1 PF 2013

Wright will be a big kid when he's done growing and the experiences
he's learned here will prepare him for his upcoming role as inside presence. He
played a bit reluctant at times not sure of himself but understandable more so
from the young post guys than from the young guards.


80. Will Downey (Ensworth) 6'0 SG

A capable offensive scorer showed a good shot and used his
box out fundamentals to get him some easy stick backs on the offensive glass.
His skill level will need to be refined to be more effective on the perimeter
and from the wing off the bounce.