It is now a relief to get it off my chest.  One of my good friends Justin Blake probably gave me the best "April Fools."  He sent me a text message early in the morning and told me that he was going to Dyersburg State.  I mean, Dyers State is right there close to him so I thought maybe he wanted to stay close to home.  So within like 10-15 minutes, he texted back "April Fools."  I just wanted to drive down there to Dyer County and choke him....he is my favorite high school player though. 

UT Chatt is a reasonable distance-- 4 hours away from home is ok with my family and me.  It just made me feel good to hear the voices of the coaches when I told them the news.  The key thing that stood out to me was that Coach Shulman, the head coach, told me that he wanted me to first be apart of the "Moc" family.  That made me feel even better to know that I have a second family when I'm away from home.  I'm going to go in and work hard so I can hopefully get some playing time.

Just to let you know, Southern Illinois did have interest in me also.  I did narrow my choices down to Eastern Kentucky, SEMO, UT Chatt, and Southern Illinois.

Those of you who have had an impact on my recruitment, thank you so much.  Coach Patino, Coach Varnado, Coach Hawkins, Coach Waddy, Coach Henderson, Coach Parnell.... and the rest of the coaches that coached me some point in my life.  You know exactly who you are.

I have to give a significant shout out to the Nashville Celtic's coaches.  I love them.  Coach Waddy and Coach Henderson is something else.  I got on the Celtics about the last month of the AAU season.  I barely knew them.  We won games, and I felt like I should have been a Celtic not only for my AAU circuit, but for life.  They really worked hard in trying to get me into the best college possible.  Now, if I had to recommend "ANYBODY" for an AAU team....thats right.....The Nashville Celtics-- the Celtics of great players, great tradition, and great coaching.

You know I haven't forgot about the mane man of this site...yes...Mr. Andre Whitehead...I'm going to hook the best national recruiting analyst up in one of my final entries.

This is it for now....so keep your head up and continue to do good.

I am "The Truth"...be blessed