TXC Shines Bright in the Month of May


Team Xtra Crispy (TXC) has made the absolute most of their play during the month of May. Two tournaments concluded the month with TXC standing at a gaudy 19-1 record with July looming on the horizon.

 Will Groos (Brentwood) led the charge with 18 markers as TXC defeated the Springfield Connection 87-51 to capture the crown at the Knights of the Roundball event in Franklin. Jack Bautsista (Brentwood) and Nate Moran (BGA) added 17 and 16 respectively in the title game victory.

 Groos led the charge with 15 in the tourney opener an easy win over the Irish Reign. Zac Wracher (Georgia) and Jalen Lawson added 11 each in the win.

 74-38 was the call in Game #2 with Lawson leading the way with 17 in the pool play win over Springfield Connection. Moran and Wracher added 13 apiece.

 Jacob Adcock (Brentwood) took charge in the third installment scoring 20 as TXC cruised 75-68 against the Tennessee Elite. Bautista added 15 and Moran was sharp scoring 12 and controlling the tempo of the contest.

 Adcock again took scoring honors with 20 as TXC bested the Nashville Colts in semi-final action. Wracher finished with 13, Moran with 12 and Bautista added 11 in the victory.

 Standing at 15-0, TXC moved the following weekend to the Warrior Rumble in Nashville and advanced to the title game before a mutual agreement between opponents due to the lateness of the game resulted in a no contest.

 TXC started strong with a win over the Nashville Celtics-Duke squad behind 14 from Bautista and 13 from Adcock.

 A victory over Tennessee Team Hustle moved TXC into a showdown with the Nashville Celtics who bested them 69-58. Adcock led the charge with 21 and Moran added 19.

 Back to basics, TXC defeated the Middle Tennessee Lightning behind 18 from Baustista, 15 from Wracher and 14 from Groos.

 In the semi-finals a nice 68-48 win over the Knoxville Panthers saw Moran busting out with 26 markers. Adcock finished with 13. Sam Johnson (CPA) had his best game of the event with a 9 point, 6 rebound effort.