Top Scoring Outputs From State Tournament

We have brought you the top scorers each week of the season and with the high school campaign at it's end the final scoring list will consist of scoring outputs from the grandest stage, the state tourney.


Kenyan Torry (Mitchell) 48pts vs. Howard

Joe Jackson (White Station) 34pts vs. Red Bank

C.J. Crittendon (Dyer County) 31pts vs. Knoxville Fulton

Jeremy Sexton (Temple) 30pts vs. Union City

M.J. Brown (Union City) 29pts vs. Manassas

Zaccheus Mason (CPA) 28pts vs. Dyer County

Jalen Steele (Fulton) 27pts vs. Dyer County

Tyler Jean (Moore County) 27pts vs. Union City

Josh Padgett (University) 27pts vs. Grace Christian

M.J. Brown (Union City) 27pts vs. Moore County

Joe Jackson (White Station) 26pts vs. Oak Ridge

Dominique Taylor (Howard) 25pts vs. Bolivar Central

Tony Wilkins (Union City) 25pts vs. Moore County

Jason Jones (Ridgeway) 24pts vs. Clarksville

Lewis McCaster (Mitchell) 24pts vs. Fulton

Jason Jones (Ridgeway) 24pts vs. White Station

Kenyan Torry (Mitchell) 22pts vs. Austin East

Sampson Carter (Ridgeway) 22pts vs. White Station

Derrick Richards (Manassas) 22pts vs. Union City

DeJuan Taylor (Dyer County) 21pts vs. Fulton

James Gallman (Fulton) 21pts vs. Dyer County