The Scoring List is Up…..Man This is Fun

One of our favorite features is back. Coaches have told me this is what they wait for each week. I have scoured the news sources from around the state and come up with the top scoring efforts. This has become increasingly harder as the local newspapers are no longer putting box scores in the paper. I could use your help if you find or know of anyone scoring over 25 points in a game, please let me know. I can be reached at or @tnprephoops on twitter.






Welcome to the vaunted 1,000 point club Eric Rigsby (Daniel Boone), Austin Jackson (Rossview) and Marvin Hughes (McGavock). Rigsby and Jackson are concluding solid senior seasons while Hughes is only halfway through his sophomore campaign.


Dawson Abbott (Pickett County) is one of the best shooters that very few people know about. The lanky senior has been scoring in bunches including a 25 spot against Clay County and a huge 44 point outburst against Gordonsville.  


Malik Riddle (Rossville Christian) is making certain his legacy will never be forgotten. The senior guard secured his second straight Mr. Basketball nomination and in the process slipped past the 2,000 point barrier for his career with big games of 25 against Harding Academy, another 25 against Lausanne and a cool 30 against St. George's.


Grace Christian of Knoxville made the smooth transition to DII and captured a district title in the process. Led by a pair of 2019 guards in C.J. Gettlefinger (Grace Christian) and Grant Ledford (Grace Christian). Gettlefinger secured a Mr. Basketball nomination and had a monster 34 point effort against CAK while Ledford has been a consistent scorer with 33 against CAK and 30 against First Baptist.


K.J. Johnson (Marshall County) has been turning heads all season now he's simply amazing everyone. The junior guard secured a Mr. Basketball nomination with effort including 43 against Community, 36 against Forrest and 35 against Central Magnet.


Darryl McElrath (Riverside) is a big time player. The senior guard is working his way up the charts with efforts like 39 markers against Chester County, 38 against Scott's Hill and 30 against Lexington.


Down in Franklin, Reece Glover (Franklin) is ripping apart nets and rewriting scorebooks. The junior sharp-shooter dropped 39 against Brentwood, 35 against Centennial and a mere 26 against Page to complete a nice couple weeks of action.


We told you last week to keep an eye on Ryley McClaren (Forrest). The sophomore marksman drained 51 points against Giles County.



East Tennessee

Jordan Corvette (Knoxville Halls) 38pts vs. Powell

Brett Newcomb (Stone Memorial) 35pts vs. Rhea County

C.J Gettlefinger (Grace Christian) 34pts vs. First Baptist Academy

Jordan Munck (Walker Valley) 34pts vs. McMinn County

Brock Jancek (Knoxville Catholic) 33pts vs. Grace Christian

Grant Ledford (Grace Christian) 33pts vs. CAK

Jaevon Gillespie (Greeneville) 32pts vs. Grainger

Josh Laughlin (Polk County) 32pts vs. Tellico Plains

Dru Owens (Hampton) 31pts vs. Sullivan North

Jack Brown (First Baptist Academy) 30pts vs. Concord Christian

Trevor Hensley (Unicoi County) 30pts vs. Sullivan South

Grant Ledford (Grace Christian) 30pts vs. First Baptist Academy

Cam Smith (Pigeon Forge) 30pts vs. Gatlinburg-Pittman

Jack Brown (First Baptist Academy) 29pts vs. CAK

Trey Davis (Fulton) 28pts vs. William Blount

Jackson Hicks (Oakdale) 28pts vs. Wartburg Central

Tauren Jones (McMinn County) 28pts vs. Soddy Daisy

Ryan McCain (Rockwood) 28pts vs. Kingston

John Porter (Campbell County) 28pts vs. Farragut

Blake Atwood (Johnson County) 27pts vs. Unicoi County

Ryan Bledsoe (Cherokee) 27pts vs. Daniel Boone

Junior Clay (McCallie) 27pts vs. Oak Hill Academy

Marae Foreman (Dobyns-Bennett) 27pts vs. David Crockett

Nathaniel Moon (Greeneville) 27pts vs. Grainger

Zane Potter (North Greene) 27pts vs. Cloudland

Ryan Bledsoe (Cherokee) 26pts vs. Science Hill

Jackson Hicks (Oakdale) 26pts vs. Harriman

David Bryant (Science Hill) 25pts vs. Volunteer

Bryce Mason (McMinn Central) 25pts vs. Sequoyah

Kaleb Meredith (University) 25pts vs. North Greene



Middle Tennessee

Ryley McClaren (Forrest) 51pts vs. Giles County

Dawson Abbott (Pickett County) 44pts vs. Gordonsville

K.J. Johnson (Marshall County) 43pts vs. Community

Reece Glover (Franklin) 39pts vs. Brentwood

Preston Tomlinson (Watertown) 39pts vs. Smith County

Keon Johnson (Webb School) 38pts vs. MTCS

Keon Johnson (Webb School) 37pts vs. BGA

Briggs Rutter (Zion Christian) 37pts vs. BGA

Gene Holmes (East Nashville) 36pts vs. Stratford

K.J. Johnson (Marshall County) 36pts vs. Forrest

Landon Woodcock (Clay County) 36pts vs. Pickett County

Donald Fitzgerald (Hillsboro) 35pts vs. Cane Ridge

Reece Glover (Frankin) 35pts vs. Centennial

K.J. Johnson (Marshall County) 35pts vs. Central Magnet

Nic Barstad (Tullahoma) 33pts vs. Shelbyville

Trent Gibson (Blackman) 33pts vs. Oak Ridge

Ollie Talmadge (Merrol Hyde) 33pts vs. Grace Christian

Daroius Garland (Brentwood Academy) 32pts vs. McCallie

Will Midlick (Rossview) 32pts vs. Springfield

Cole Scott (Grace Christian) 32pts vs. Republic

Dylan Duffer (Westmoreland) 31pts vs. White House

Asher Wolthers (Merrol Hyde) 31pts vs. Madison Academy

Nate Howell (MTCS) 30pts vs. Providence Christian

Keishawn Davidson (Oakland) 29pts vs. Smyrna

Ryan Weathers (Loretto) 29pts vs. Perry County

James Williams (Kenwood) 29pts vs. Northeast

Eddie Jackson (Lebanon) 28pts vs. Station Camp

Daniel Loos (Clarksville Academy) 28pts vs. Hendersonville Christian

Zach Morris (Hendersonville) 28pts vs. Portland

Cole Scott (Grace Christian) 28pts vs. Merrol Hyde

Jonathan Clausi (Father Ryan) 27pts vs. Ensworth

Keon Johnson (Webb School) 27pts vs. Knowledge Academy

Jared Ward (White House) 27pts vs. Westmoreland

Nate Bloedorn (Nolensville) 26pts vs. Forrest

Michael Cody (Monterey) 26pts vs. Clay County

Reece Glover (Franklin) 26pts vs. Page

Garrett Hollis (BGA) 26pts vs. Webb School

McKyan James (Independence) 26pts vs. Franklin

Bryce McCormick (CPA) 26pts vs. BGA

Noah Mulaski (Lebanon) 26pts vs. Gallatin

Caden Mills (Van Buren County) 26pts vs. South Pittsburgh

Brandon Thomas (Blackman) 26pts vs. Siegel

Landon Woodcock (Clay County) 26pts vs. Monterey

Dawson Abbott (Pickett County) 25pts vs. Clay County

Tyrus Baynham (FRA) 25pts vs. Knowledge Academy

Marvin Hughes (McGavock) 25pts vs. Hunter's Lane

Keshaun Lawrence (Ensworth) 25pts vs. Hamilton Heights

Bo Walker (Van Buren County) 25pts vs. Richard Hardy

Kendall Winston (Hunter's Lane) 25pts vs. Nashville Overton



West Tennessee

Jaramiah Polk (Lake County) 43pts vs. Halls

Darryl McElrath (Riverside) 39pts vs. Chester County

Darryl McElrath (Riverside) 38pts vs. Scott's Hill

Cullen Hughes (Sacred Heart) 33pts vs. Fayette Academy

Jamey Sanders (WEB Dubois) 32pts vs. P&P

Devin Windridge (Clarksburg) 32pts vs. West Carroll

Nathan Caldwell (Hardin County) 31pts vs. Central (AK)

Jamey Sanders (WEB Dubois) 31pts vs. Oakhaven

Bryce McBride (Jackson Southside) 30pts vs. Lexington

Darryl McElrath (Riverside) 30pts vs. Lexington

Malik Riddle (Rossville Christian) 30pts vs. St. George's

Vann Bryant (TCA) 29pts vs. Humboldt

Christian Clark (Bolivar Central) 29pts vs. Haywood

Jadarious Harris (Peabody) 29pts vs. Middleton

Tyler Harris (Cordova) 29pts vs. Arlington

Jusino Prather (Chester County) 29pts vs. Riverside

Kenshun White (WEB Dubois) 29pts vs. Oakhaven

Antwan Beans (Ridgeway) 28pts vs. Southwind

D.J. Bond (Liberty Tech) 28pts vs. Hardin County

Mark Freeman (Southwind) 28pts vs. Ridgeway

Lucas King (McKenzie) 28pts vs. Big Sandy

Jamey Sanders (WEB Dubois) 28pts vs. Freedom Prep

Derrick Williamson (MSE) 28pts vs. Hillcrest

Antavious Buford (Douglass) 27pts vs. Grad Academy

Jadarius Harris (Peabody) 27pts vs. TCA

Zach Lewis (Brighton) 27pts vs. Dyer County

Josh Livingston (Dyer County) 27pts vs. Hardin County

Matt McMillan (Union City) 27pts vs. Greenfield

Nathan Caldwell (Hardin County) 26pts vs. Munford

Darrion Farrar (Wooddale) 26pts vs. Melrose

Devin Wildridge (Clarksburg) 26pts vs. Big Sandy

Deovaunte Williams (Raleigh-Egypt) 26pts vs. Mitchell

Kentavious Berry (Middleton) 25pts vs. Peabody

Levi Dees (Greenfield) 25pts vs. Lake County

Tyler Harris (Cordova) 25pts vs. Bolton

Jordan Johnson (Hamilton) 25pts vs. Craigmont

Rico Quinton (Dyer County) 25pts vs. Hardin County

Kobe Powell (Cordova) 25pts vs. Bolton

Malik Riddle (Rossville Christian) 25pts vs. Harding Academy

Malik Riddle (Rossville Christian) 25pts vs. Lausanne

Jermize Weddle (Union City) 25pts vs. Greenfield

James Wiseman (Memphis East) 25ps vs. White Station