The All-Star Weekend

It's time to speak "The Truth" one more time.

Well I had a great weekend with the All-Star team in Nashville.  I finally got to see the life of my opponents.  Everybody was cool.  I was roommates with Charles Holt from Liberty.  Jeremy Rhodes from Bolivar and guess who....Justin Blake from Dyer County were in our room most of the time.  Josh Henley from Hunters Lane was funny, but Elgin Lee from Briarcrest was the man!  He was the funniest person on the team.  He even made the coaches laugh a couple of times....well probably a lot of times.  My teammates and I were just talking about basketball.  We went in depth on that subject.  Those guys had me tripping out!

The people over the whole All-Star weekend did an outstanding job. They took care of us.  The food was delicious, the hotel was nice, and the gear was off the chain.  The first day everybody was kind of mad because we didn't get our shoes.  We were incomplete without the kicks.  It was so funny to see the faces of my teammates when we didn't get the shoes.  Turning the tables around, when we did get them...oh my gosh!!!  Faces lit up!  Teeth started showing!  What made me laugh was that everybody put them on immediately!  It was a trip though.

The practices went nice.  I enjoyed listening to Coach Sisco and Coach "Fro."  It was definitely an honor to play for the both of them.  We practiced hard.  We had some great plays that I might have to put down in my play book if I ever become a coach...ha.  Yes sir!

My teammates...what can I say?  I've been waitng to play with them for years.  I'm sorry to express myself like this, but it was an honor to play with them too.  This was my dream team.  Everybody had an I.Q. of the game.  Everybody knew their role.  I was feeling it yall.  I never have played with a team where everybody played their role.  That is a basketball dream for me.  I don't know about you other ballers, but that was "My Dream Team."

The game went real well.  We did like I said we were going to do.  I told the East team that we were going to shoot them out.  I was going to talk stuff, but thats not my game.  I was there to have a good time and enjoy the game of basketball. I was named MVP of the West squad with 23 points and could'nt have done it without my teammates.

I wouldn't mind having an All-Star Game every month or so....yup...I am "The Truth"