Tennessee’s D1 Players (Part II)



Scouring the web to bring you the best in high school information from our state, it is time again for our annual list of former Tennessee hoopsters that appear on D1 rosters.


This year's count is 135 players listed on D1 rosters.


Please keep in mind many of these players are walk-ons but if listed on the roster we are counting them in the total.



Great West Conference

Texas-Pan American

Jamal Hughes            6-2                   Fr.                   Oakland (Murfreesboro)

Horizon League


Eric Buggs                  5-10                 So.                   White Station (Memphis)

Ivy League


Meiko Lyles               6-3                   Fr.                   USN (Nashville)


Miles Asafo-Adjei      6-2                   So.                   Ensworth (Nashville)

Dwight Tarwater        6-6                   Fr.                   Webb (Knoxville)


Brendan Connolly      6-10                 So.                   Father Ryan (Nashville)

Mid-American Conference

Northern Illinois

Antonie Christian       6-2                   Fr.                   MLK (Nashville)

Nate Rucker              6-6                   Fr.                   Melrose (Memphis)

Missouri Valley Conference


Lewis Jones                6-3                   So.                   Carver (Mempis)

Ohio Valley Conference

Austin Peay

Caleb Brown               6-0                   Sr.                   Raleigh-Egypt (Memphis)

Tyrone Caldwell         6'0                   Jr.                    Clarksville (Clarksville)

Thomas Greer            6'5                   Fr.                   West Carroll (Atwood)

Alton Williams            6'3                   Fr.                   Collierville (Collierville)

Justin Blake               6'3                   So.                   Dyer County (Newbern)

Jacksonville State

DeAndre Bynum        6'5                   Jr.                    White Station (Memphis)

Dominique Shellman  6'1                   Jr.                    Ridgeway (Memphis)

Frank Bougher           6'5                   Fr.                   CBHS (Memphis)

Morehead State

Drew Kelly                 6'7                   So.                   Centennial (Franklin)

Demonte Harper        6'4                   Sr.                   White's Creek (Nashville)

Arthur McMillan       6'6                   Fr.                   Hillsboro (Nashville)

Murray State

Picasso Simmons        6'0                   Sr.                   Gallatin (Gallatin)

Jewon Long                6'1                   Jr.                    Liberty Tech (Jackson)

Southeast Missouri State (SEMO)

Tyler Stone                 6'7                   So.                   Central (Memphis)

Tennessee State

Wil Peters                   6'0                   Jr.                    White's Creek (Nashville)

Chris Connor              6'4                   Fr.                   Powell (Knoxville)

Blake Kirby                5'7                   Fr.                   Station Camp (Gallatin)

Tennessee Tech

Mitchell Hill               6'0                   Fr.                   Cookeville (Cookeville)

Riley Hunley              6'3                   Jr.                    Farragut (Knoxville)

Chase Dunn                5'10                 Fr.                   Livingston Academy (Livingston)


Rueben Clayton         6'3                   Sr.                   Central (Memphis)

Trey Edwards 6'0                   Sr.                   Arlington (Arlington)

Patriot League


Zach Ricketts             6-7                   So.                   St. Benedict (Cordova)

Southeastern Conference (SEC)


Mardracus Wade       6-2                   Fr.                   Mitchell (Memphis)


Casey Prather            6'6                   Fr.                   Northside (Jackson)


Gerald Robinson        6'1                   Jr.                    MLK (Nashville)


Reginald Buckner      6'8                   So.                   Manassas (Memphis)

Mississippi State

Jalen Steele                6'3                   Fr.                   Fulton (Knoxville)


Michael Hubert          6'2                   Sr.                   Hendersonville (Hendersonville)

Skylar McBee            6'3                   So.                   Grainger (Rutledge)

Tyler Summitt            6'0                   Fr.                   Webb (Knoxville)

Rob Murphy  6'7                   Jr.                    Brentwood Academy (Brentwood)

Steven Pearl               6'5                   Sr.                   West (Knoxville)

Josh Bone                   6'3                   Sr.                   Brentwood Academy (Brentwood)


John Jenkins              6'4                   So.                   Station Camp (Gallatin)

Chris Meriwether      6'0                   Sr.                   Father Ryan (Nashville)

Southern Conference

College of Charleston

Antwaine Wiggens     6-7                   Sr.                   Greeneville (Greeneville)


Omar Wattad 6-5                   Jr.                    Science Hill (Johnson City)

Dontay Hampton        6'1                   So.                   CSAS (Chattanooga)

Drew Baker                6'7                   So.                   Karns (Knoxville)

Josh Odom                 6'5                   So.                   Science Hill (Johnson City)

Ryan Gentle               6'5                   Fr.                   Lebanon (Lebanon)

Jeff Smith                   6'5                   Sr.                   Tyner Academy (Chattanooga)

Ricky Taylor              6'5                   Jr.                    Haywood County (Brownsville)

Micah Ballard            6'3                   Fr.                   William Blount (Maryville)

Sam Watson               6'7                   So.                   Farragut (Knoxville)

Jeremy Saffore          7'1                   Sr.                   Hillwood (Nashville)


Jordan Miller             6'2                   Sr.                   White Station (Memphis)


Gary Pope                  6'0                   Fr.                   Ensworth (Nashville)


Gregg Wooten            6'2                   So.                   Briarcrest Christian (Eads)

Tyler Hood                 6'6                   Fr.                   Lenoir City (Lenoir City)


Brandon Evans           6'2                   Sr.                   Liberty Tech (Jackson)

Cody Henegar            6'9                   Fr.                   Marion County (Jasper)


Nathan Parker           6'6                   So.                   Bearden (Knoxville)

Kevin Giltner             6'6                   Jr.                    Harpeth (Kingston Springs)

Tim Johnson               6'6                   Sr.                   ECS (Cordova)

Southland Conference

Central Arkansas

Derrick Edwards        6'6                   Jr.                    Raleigh-Egypt (Memphis)


Fred Coleman 6-6                   Jr.                    White Station (Memphis)

Patrick Coleman        6'2                   Fr.                   White Station (Memphis)

Sun Belt Conference

Arkansas State

Donald Boone            6'4                   Sr.                   Hamilton (Memphis)

Florida Atlantic

Demonte Simpson      6'9                   So.                   Bearden (Knoxville)

Middle Tennessee State (MTSU)

Zane Gibson               6'2                   Fr.                   Baylor (Chattanooga)

K.C. Anuna                 6'3                   Jr.                    McGavock (Nashville)

James Gallman          5'11                 So.                   Fulton (Knoxville)

Cory Herald               6'0                   Sr.                   Page (Nashville)

Logan Nelson             6'3                   Fr.                   Franklin (Franklin)

Jimmy Oden               6'3                   Jr.                    Siegel (Murfreesboro)

Jason Jones                6'6                   So.                   Ridgeway (Memphis)

Kerry Hammonds      6'5                   Fr.                   Siegel (Murfreesboro)

South Alabama

Martino Brock           6'5                   So.                   Ridgeway (Memphis)

Western Kentucky

Sergio Kerusch          6'5                   Sr.                   Overton (Memphis)