Tennessee’s D1 Players…Part 2 of 2



This is one of my favorite things to do every season.


I go through the rosters of every D1 school in the country and make a list of the Tennessee players who have garnered a roster spot for those schools.


Now some of these guys may and are walk-ons but they have secured a spot on the roster so they will be on this list.


I counted 141 players and that is by far the most we have ever had in a single year. We will divide this story into two segments because of length.


Conference USA


Pierre Henderson-Niles            6'8       PF        Senior              Memphis/Ridgeway

Willie Kemp                             6'2       PG       Senior              Bolivar/Bolivar Central

Drew Barham                           6'7       SG       Freshman         Memphis/CBHS

Charles Holt                             6'0       PG       Freshman         Jackson/Liberty Tech

Elliot Williams               6'4       SG       Sophomore      Collierville/St. George's

Preston Laird                            6'2       SG       Sophomore      Germantown/Germantown

Aaron Jacques                          6'6       PF        Senior              Bartlett/Bartlett




Arnett Moultrie             6'11     PF        Sophomore      Memphis/Raleigh-Egypt

Randy Culpepper                     6'0       SG       Junior               Memphis/Sheffield

Myron Strong                           6'2       PG       Junior               Memphis/Hamilton

Gabriel McCulley                     6'7       WF      Junior               Memphis/Craigmont

Jeremy Williams                        6'7       WF      Junior               Memphis/Hamilton


Southern Mississippi

Torye Pelham                           6'6       PF        Junior               Nashville/Maplewood



Cory Pfleiger                            6'3       SG       Senior              Dickson/Dickson County




North Carolina Central

Vincent Davis                           6'2       PG       Junior               Nashville/Pearl Cohn



Horizon League


Eric Buggs                                6'0       PG       Sophomore      Memphis/White Station


Youngstown State

SirLester Martin                       6'7       PF        Senior              Memphis/




Ivy League


Miles Asafo-Adjei                    6'2       PG       Freshman         Nashville/Ensworth



Brendan Connolly                     6'9       C         Freshman         Nashville/Father Ryan





Northern Illinois

Najul Ervin                               6'5       WF      Senior              Memphis/Mitchell

Antone Christian                       6'2       SG       Freshman         Nashville/MLK


Miami of Ohio

Drew Kelly                               6'7       PF        Freshman         Franklin/Centennial




Missouri Valley


Lewis Jones                              6'3       SG       Freshman         Memphis/Carver




Ohio Valley

Murray State

Jewon Long                              6'1       PG       Sophomore      Jackson/Liberty Tech

Picasso Simmons                      6'0       SG       Junior               Gallatin/Gallatin


Austin Peay

Caleb Brown                            6'0       SG       Junior               Memphis/Raleigh-Egypt

Tyrone Caldwell                       6'0       PG       Sophomore      Clarksville/Clarksville

Ernest Fields                             6'6       WF      Senior              Memphis/Ridgeway

Chris Reaves                            6'5       WF      Freshman         Bolivar/Bolivar Central

Wes Channels                          6'3       SG       Senior              Memphis/Ridgeway

Justin Blake                              6'3       SG       Freshman         Newbern/Dyer County


Jacksonville State

Dominique Shellman                 6'1       PG       Sophomore      Memphis/Ridgeway


Morehead State

Demonte Harper                       6'4       SG       Junior               Nashville/White's Creek


Southeast Missouri (SEMO)

Isreal Kirk                                6'7       WF      Senior              Nashville/Lighthouse Chr.


Tennessee Tech

Riley Hunley                             6'3       SG       Sophomore      Knoxville/Farragut

Chase Dunn                              5'10     PG       Freshman         Livingston/Academy


Tennessee State

Jeremiah Crutcher                     5'10     PG       Senior              Nashville/Hunter's Lane

Josh Sain                                  6'5       WF      Junior               Jackson/Liberty Tech

Wil Peters                                6'0       SG       Junior               Nashville/White's Creek


Tennessee Martin

Marquis Weddle                       6'1       SG       Junior               Union City/Union City

Marquis Richardson                  5'9       PG       Freshman         Munford/Munford

Catarius Taylor             5'10     PG       Junior               Brighton/Brighton

Reuben Clayton                        6'3       SG       Junior               Memphis/Central

M.J. Brown                              6'0       PG       Sophomore      Union City/Union City

Zach Jones                               6'6       WF      Freshman         Memphis/Craigmont







Tyler Smith                               6'7       WF      Senior              Pulaski/Giles County

Wayne Chism                           6'9       PF        Senior              Bolivar/Bolivar Central

Michael Hubert             6'2       SG       Junior               Hendersonville/Hndrsvl

Quinn Cannington                     6'4       SG       Senior              Knoxville/Fulton

Skylar McBee                          6'3       SG       Freshman         Rutledge/Grainger

Stephen Pearl                           6'5       PF        Junior               Knoxville/West

Josh Bone                                6'3       SG       Junior               Brentwood/Academy

J.P. Prince                                6'7       SG       Senior              Memphis/White Station



Gerald Robinson                       6'1       PG       Junior               Nashville/MLK



Elliot Cole                                5'11     PG       Junior               Memphis/MUS

John Jenkins                             6'4       SG       Freshman         Gallatin/Station Camp



Reginald Buckner                     6'8       WF      Freshman         Memphis/Manassas

Terrico White                           6'5       SG       Sophomore      Memphis/Craigmont

DeAngelo Riley                        6'9       PF        Junior               Memphis/Kirby


Mississippi State

Barry Stewart                           6'3       SG       Junior               Shelbyville/Shelbyville

Jarvis Varnado             6'9       PF        Senior              Brownsville/Haywood Co.





Southern Conference


Gregg Wooten                          6'2       PG       Freshman         Eads/Briarcrest Christian

Peter Carroll                             6'0       PG       Senior              Nashville/CPA



Brandon Evans             6'2       PG       Senior              Jackson/Liberty Tech



Dontay Hampton                      6'1       PG       Sophomore      Chattanooga/CSAS

Drew Baker                             6'7       PF        Freshman         Knoxville/Karns

Josh Odom                               6'5       SG       Freshman         Johnson City/Science Hill

Jeff Smith                                 6'5       SG       Junior               Chattanooga/Tyner

Ricky "The Truth" Taylor          6'5       SG       Sophomore      Brownsville/Haywood Co.

Sam Watson                             6'7       PF        Freshman         Knoxville/Farragut

Jeremy Saffore             7'1       C         Junior               Nashville/Hillwood

Omar Wattad                           6'4       SG       Junior               Johnson City/Science Hill


College of Charleston

Antwaine Wiggens                    6'7       WF      Junior               Greeneville/Greeneville

Tony White Jr.              6'0       PG       Senior              Knoxville/Bearden



Jordan Miller                            6'2       PG       Junior               Memphis/White Station



Nathan Parker                          6'5       WF      Freshman         Knoxville/Bearden

Kevin Giltner                            6'5       SG       Sophomore      Kingston Springs/Harpeth

Tim Johnson                             6'5       SG       Junior               Memphis/ECS


Georgia Southern

Tyler Troupe                            6'7       PF        Senior              Gallatin/Gallatin





Southland Conference

Central Arkansas

Chris Williams              6'7       PF        Junior               Memphis/White Station


Texas-San Antonio

DeMarco Stepter                     6'7       C         Junior               Memphis/Northside





Southwestern Athletic Conference

Southern University

Nick Walls                               6'2       PG       Junior               Memphis/Ridgeway


Alcorn State

Stedman Hurdle                        5'9       PG       Freshman         Memphis/Craigmont





Summitt League


Elgin Lee                                  6'4       SG       Freshman         Eads/Briarcrest Christian



Sun Belt Conference

South Alabama

Martino Brock                          6'5       SG       Freshman         Memphis/Ridgeway



Richard Delk                            6'4       SG       Senior              Jackson/Northside


Florida Atlantic

Demonte Simpson                    6'9       PF        Freshman         Knoxville/Bearden


Florida International

Marlon Bright                           6'3       WF      Senior              Martin/Westview


Western Kentucky

Sergio Kerusch             6'5       PF        Senior              Memphis/Overton



Zane Gibson                             6'2       SG       Freshman         Chattanooga/Baylor

Jason Jones                              6'6       SG       Sophomore      Memphis/Ridgeway

Jimmy Oden                             6'3       PG       Junior               Mufreesboro/Siegel

DeMario Williams                     6'4       PG       Sophomore      Culleoka/Culleoka

Desmond Yates                        6'7       WF      Senior              Somerville/Fayette-Ware

James Gallman              5'11     PG       Freshman         Knoxville/Fulton

K.C. Anuna                              6'3       WF      Sophomore      Nashville/McGavock

Theryn Hudson             6'10     C         Senior              LaVergne/LaVergne


Arkansas State

Donald Boone                          6'4       SG       Senior              Memphis/Hamilton