Tennessee Prep Hoops Presents “Best in State”

10829_Best_in_State_LOGOThe first annual Tennessee Prep Hoops "Best in State" tournament kicks off this Saturday at StoneMemorialHigh School in Crossville with six teams representing the 17 and under age group and six teams in the 16/15 and under division.


The schedule is as follows for both age groups:



All Games are Central Time


9:00           Tennessee Panthers vs. Tennessee Chosen Few

10:00         Nashville D13 Elite vs. Team Nashville

11:00         Tennessee Velocity vs. Tennessee Panthers

12:00         Nashville D13 Elite vs. Chattanooga Elite

1:00           Team Nashville vs. Tennessee Chosen Few

2:00           Tennessee Velocity vs. Nashville D13 Elite

3:00           Chattanooga Elite vs. Tennessee Chosen Few

4:00           Team Nashville vs. Tennessee Panthers

5:00           Chattanooga Elite vs. Tennessee Velocity



All Games are Central Time


9:00           Tennessee Chosen Few 16 vs. Team Nashville 16

10:00         Tennessee Bobcats 16 vs. Team Nashville 15

11:00         Nashville Celtics 15 vs. Tennessee Panthers 15

12:00         Tennessee Bobcats 16 vs. Tennessee Chosen Few 16

1:00           Team Nashville 16 vs. Tennessee Panthers 15

2:00           Team Nashville 15 vs. Nashville Celtics 15

3:00           Team Nashville 16 vs. Tennessee Bobcats 16

4:00           Tennessee Chosen Few 16 vs. Nashville Celtics 15

5:00           Tennessee Panthers 15 vs. Team Nashville 15


Top Players Scheduled for the Event:

17 and Under

Makinde London (Summitt)

Jake Allsmiller (CPA)

Jaylen Barford (Jackson Southside)

Daniel Norl (Kenwood)

Braxton Bonds (CPA)

Jacob Williams (Wilson Central)

Ladarius Chester (Melrose)

Charles Clark (Siegel)

Andre Wilson (Austin East)

Devin Sibley (Karns)

Justin Simmons (Stone Memorial)

Tyler Yoder (Stone Memorial)

Levi Woods (MeigsCounty)

Terry Holt (East Nashville)

Kin Webster (Hillsboro)

Isaac Marion (Oak Ridge)

Deonta Bizzle-Brown (HardinValley)

Zak Carter (Hardin Valey)

Sadik Spence (TynerAcademy)

Orlando Moore (Brainerd)

Alex Watkins (TynerAcademy)


16/15 and Under

Kyle Oliver (Oakland)

Thomas Booker (East Nashville)

Ross Cummings (Creek Wood)

Kenny Cooper (FRA)

Jordan Bone (Ensworth)

Clayton Hughes (USJ)

Yalen Reed (Lebanon)

Brady Nease (UnionCounty)

Jordan Bowden (Carter)

Kelvin Jackson (Fulton)

Marquis Davis (LaVergne)

John Bryant (JeffersonCounty)

John Fulkerson (Dobyns-Bennett)