Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League Rosters and Schedule



The Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League tips this Saturday at CPA. Here are the rosters for the event followed by the schedule for that day. I will email everyone who gave me a working email also to tell you when and whom you play this Saturday. If you find yourself on a roster and know that you will not be playing please let me know. You can email me at andre@tnprephoops.com, this way we can get someone in that spot as we have a waiting list that is quite extensive. Also if you have not paid you may do so at the first game. Have fun and I will see you there on Saturday.


East Division



1-Austin Gee (Ezell-Harding)

2-Elijah Gonzales (Brentwood)

3-Jaylen Barford (Jackson Southside)

4-Ben Dreher (CPA)

5-Cole Harrison (Brentwood)

6-Chas Jones (Cane Ridge)

7-Leon Howard (Nashville Overton)

8-Tanner Tapp (Brentwood)

9-Chase Hawkins (Ravenwood)

10-Cade Smith (Cumberland County)



11-Joshua Joy (DCA)

12-Tanner Newton (Harpeth)

13 Jade Patrick (Pearl Cohn)

14-Chance Bouldin (FRA)

15-Will Groos (Brentwood)

16-Austin Brown (Cumberland County)

17-Case Bouldin (Ravenwood)

18-Vinny Gaglione (MBA)

19-Matt Hargreaves (Franklin)

20-Parker Howell (CPA)



21-Spencer Ray-Taylor (Hume Fogg)

22-Hunter Nelson (Franklin)

23-Jacob Saunders (Cheatham County)

24-Makinda London (Summitt)

25-Eric Darnett (Maplewood)

26-Jonathan Steward (MLK)

27-Larenzo Westmoreland (Maplewood)

28-Steven Anderson (Lead Academy)

29-Austin Kirby (Station Camp)

30-Jalen Duke (MLK)



31-Austin Brown (Harpeth)

32-Will Jennings (Nashville Overton)

33-Matthew Hailey (Ravenwood)

34-Jacob Freeze (Lancaster Christian)

35-Jalen Lindsey (CPA)

36-JaVonte Walden (East Literature)

37-Jimmy Greer (Cane Ridge)

38-T.J. Steward (Siegel)

39-Christian Smith (Sycamore)

40-Tommy Mech (CPA)



41-Duncan Smith (MBA)

42-Jacob Hooker (FRA)

43-Trenton Perry (Independence)

44-Derrick Spears (MTCS)

45-Rob Marberry (FRA)

46-Wesley Harlan (Cheatham County)

47-Eric Jones (East Literature)

48-Evan Ragdale (CPA)

49-Sam Johnson (CPA)

50-Ben Sharp (Hendersonville)


West Division


51-Devin Connor (Cheatham County)

52-Nate Moran (BGA)

53-Devonta Odom (Hunter's Lane)

54-Jake Allsmiller (CPA)

55-Austin Dole (Harpeth)

56-Kindravious Webster (Hillsboro)

57-Austin Williams (Harpeth)

58-James Curt (East Literature)

59-Bryson Baker (East Literature)

60- Matt Hall (Wilson Central)



61-Braxton Bonds (CPA)

62-Jarrod Stafford (Maplewood)

63-Daniel Norl (Kenwood)

64-Carson Outlaw (DCA)

65-Josh Brewer (Beech)

66-Casey Brandon (Wilson Central)

67-Kenny Cooper (FRA)

68-Marquis Davis (LaVergne)

69-Matthew Norl (Kenwood)

70-Terrell Brown (Lead Academy)


Georgia Tech

71-Toby Frierson (Mt. Pleasant)

72-Andrew Fleming (Ensworth)

73-Adrian Scott (Cane Ridge)

74-Austin Mullinax (Waverly Central)

75-Jacob McCullough (Hendersonville)

76-Garrett Smith (Harpeth)

77-Zane Hutton (Harpeth)

78-Tyler Dell (Waverly Central)

79-Elliott Morrissey (MBA)

80-Thomas Booker (East Literature)


North Carolina

81-Brandon Miller (Rossview)

82-Liam Nash (USN)

83-Beau Johnson (Harpeth)

84-Terry Holt (East Literature)

85-Mason Bates (Cheatham County)

86-Johnny Rapp (CPA)

87-Diego Poore (Cumberland County)

88-Clay Hertel (DCA)

89-Will Clayton (Harpeth)

90-Braxton Blackwell (CPA)


Wake Forest

91-Ashton Hood (USN)

92- Jalen Hunter (Goodpasture)

93-Asa Duvall (Brentwood)

94-Jacob Williams (Wilson Central)

95-Joey Barnes (Ravenwood)

96-Coleman Spann (CPA)

97-Alex Wells (East Literature)

98-Chase Nappier (Lighthouse Christian)

99-Braxton Nappier (Lighthouse Christian)

100-Joseph Donaldson (Father Ryan)


Week #1 Schedule (All Games at CPA)

9:00 Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee

10:00 Duke vs. Clemson

11:00 Kentucky vs. Florida

12:00 Georgia Tech vs. North Carolina

1:00 LSU vs. Wake Forest