Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League Rosters

School is back in session so that means only one thing. Its Nashville Fall League time. This will be our 10th year at CPA and we are hoping for another successful campaign. Here are the rosters for this season. If you notice your name and will not be able to participate please let me know at andre@tnprephoops.com or on twitter at @tnprephoops

Games will begin on August 24th at CPA. I will send out emails letting you know when and whom you play early next week.



Darrow Parrish (Hillsboro)

Jordan DeWalt (CPA)

Chase Cline (CPA)

Connor Beavon (Franklin)

Hunter Bedwell (Franklin)

Noah Magee (Franklin)

Logan Johnston (Harpeth)

Robbie Rusciano (McEwen)

Joshua Roberts (MBA)



Braden Zapp (CPA)

Timothy Harris (Home School)

Chad Haywood (Lighthouse Christian)

Graydon Franck (USN)

Adam Miller (USN)

Evan Eurscher (Lighthouse Christian)

Kolby Searcy (Lighthouse Christian)

Preston Pace (CPA)

Charlie Reynolds (CPA)



Jake Jubenville (MTCS)

Isaiah Shaw (Davidson Academy)

Gerald Davis (Davidson Academy)

Isaac Rankhorn (Montgomery Central)

Caleb Shaw (Davidson Academy)

Santonio McDaniel (Riverdale)

Braxton Carruthers (Riverdale)

Preston Whittington (Riverdale)

Maddox Bodenhammer (Rockvale)



Gage Swanson (Central Magnet)

Morgan Anderson (NCS)

John Windley (Brentwood)

Harry Lackey (Brentwood)

Jaime Hernandez (Page)

Jake Gustafson (Davidson Academy)

Jayden Hernandez (Central Magnet)

Caden Anderson (NCS)

Gray Gustafson (Davidson Academy)

Robert Anderson (Brentwood)



Jaylen Pegues (Hillsboro)

Isaiah Puckett (Hickman County)

Andrew Conley (Hickman County)

Ryan Wilcox (Hillsboro)

Jack Thigpen (Hickman County)

Carrington Allen (Oakland)

Damon Fann (Oakland)

Reagan McCloskey (Franklin)

Wallace Kerr (Franklin)



Gavin Kerr (Wilson Central)

Isaiah Poore (Centennial)

Dusty Williams (Centennial)

Rex Edmondson (Creek Wood)

Raekwon Nesbitt (Creek Wood)

Adler Kerr (Wilson Central)

Nasir Scaife (Franklin County)

Kyle Wesley (KIPP)

Bryce Jackson (Stewarts Creek)


Ohio State

Tyler McClain (Lipscomb Academy)

Tre Carlton (Summit)

Jacob McDonald (White House)

Matthew Schneider (Siegel)

Jaden Galy (Beech)

Jacquez Buck (Siegel)

Jo Jo Brown (Beech)

Maddox Sorenson (Beech)

Tristan Conger (Summit)



Jaylen Wetzel (Siegel)

Masyn Winningham (White County)

Kegan Dotson (White County)

Alex Garrett (Webb School)

Kolbi Wright (CPA)

Elijah Buckner (Siegel)

Martise Jackson (Siegel)

Gabe Coleman (Lawrence County)

Malachi Parham (Hume Fogg)

Jack Fey (CPA)



Jacob Beasley (Blackman)

Grant Slatten (White County)

Bill Eads (Fairview)

Lock Hord (Fairview)

Jabari Mastin (Blackman)

Cedric Williams (Cane Ridge)

Harrison Vinett (Father Ryan)

Braeden Moore (CPA)

Malik Dia (Blackman)

Evan Shiflet (CPA)



Alex Mitchell (Community)

Eli Lamuno (Ravenwood)

Dominic Wynn (Ensworth)

Josh Schretchen (USN)

Jake Mulder (Ravenwood)

Russ Petty (USN)

Patrick Smith (Goodpasture)

Jacob Murrell (Goodpasture)

Andrew Lamuno (Ravenwood)

Xavier Shegog (Goodpasture)