Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League Championship Saturday Game Capsules and Final Scoring Leaders

Championship Saturday brought another slew of big times scoring efforts and crowned an undefeated champion for the first time in several years. Lets take a look at the action.   




All-League teams and league MVP will be announced starting this weekend on twitter. You can follow me there at @tnprephoops






Iowa 112

Kentucky 96


Malik Dia (Ensworth) and Braeden Moore (CPA) scored 26 and 23 respectively as Iowa captured the 2019 Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League crown with a 112-96 win over Kentucky. The win kept Iowa unblemished on the season.


Joining the dynamic duo in the scoring column were Jacob Beasley (Blackman) with 18, Dominic Wynn (Ensworth) with 17 and Bill Eads (Fairview) with a dozen.


John Windley (Brentwood) took game high scoring honors with 27 in the defeat.


Gray Gustafson (Davidson Academy) played his best game of the season notching 16 while Jaime Hernandez (Page) finished with 12 and Morgan Anderson (NCS) and Cannon Anderson (NCS) each closed with 11.




Florida 88

Michigan 77


Carrington Allen (Oakland) scored a season high 30 points as Florida bested Michigan 88-77 on Championship Saturday at the Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League.


Jaylen Pegues (Hillsboro) tallied 21, all in the second half. Jackson Thigpen (Hickman County) finished with 12.


Josh Scretchen (USN) and Jaylan Wetzel (Siegel) led Michigan with 20 markers each in the loss.


Kegan Dodson (White County) and Masyn Winningham (White County) added 12 apiece.




Vanderbilt 93

Purdue 91


Chad Haywood (Lighthouse Christian) notched the game winner at the buzzer as Vanderbilt defeated Purdue in the opener at Championship Saturday of the Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League 93-91.


Braden Zapp (CPA) led Vanderbilt with 32 followed by Haywood who tallied 27.


Graydon Franck (USN) had a fine outing scoring 20 and Timothy Harris (Home School) added 12.


The buzzer offset an outstanding performance from rising senior guard and four year Fall League veteran Alex Mitchell (Community). The blonde bomber hit 10 3's en route to 35 a season high 35 spot.


Malachi Parham (Hume Fogg) added 26, Andrew Lamuno (Ravenwood) added 20 and brother Eli Lamuno (Ravenwood) finished with 10.




Ohio State 132

Auburn 94


Tre Carlton (Summit) dropped 43. Matthew Schneider (Siegel) added 39.


Ohio State needed every point from the star struck duo lifting past Auburn 132-94 at Championship Saturday.


Tristan Conger (Summit) added 20 and Jacob McDonald (White House) pitched in with 15 in the win.


Maddux Bodenhamer (Rockvale) led Auburn with 15, Preston Whittington (Riverdale) added 14 and Braxton Caruthers (Riverdale) had 11 as Auburn played shorthanded in the loss.




Tennessee 98

Indiana 78


Robbie Rusciano (McEwen) busted things wide open scoring 44 points as Tennessee cruised to victory on Championship Saturday at the Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League 98-78 over Indiana.


Hunter Bedwell (Franklin) added 26 and Adler Kerr (Wilson Central) finished with 16 in the win.


Rex Edmondson (Creek Wood) and Bryce Jackson (Stewart's Creek) notched 21 and 20 respectively for Indiana.


Nasir Scaife (Franklin County) added 16 and Isaiah Poore (Centennial) finished with 11 in the loss.





Robbie Rusciano (McEwen) 44pts

Tre Carlton (Summit) 43pts

Matthew Schneider (Siegel) 39pts

Alex Mitchell (Community) 35pts

Braden Zapp (CPA) 32pts

Carrington Allen (Oakland) 30pts

Chad Haywood (Lighthouse Christian) 27pts

John Windley (Brentwood) 27pts

Hunter Bedwell (Franklin) 26pts

Malik Dia (Ensworth) 26pts

Malachi (Hume Fogg) 26pts

Braeden Moore (CPA) 23pts

Rex Edmondson (Creek Wood) 21pts

Jaylen Pegues (Hillsboro) 21pts





Matthew Schneider (Siegel) 33.0

Jaylen Pegues (Hillsboro) 26.4

Malik Dia (Ensworth) 26.0

Tre Carlton (Summit) 25.8

Grant Slatten (White County) 25.3

Robbie Rusciano (McEwen) 24.4

P.J. Smith (Goodpasture) 23.8

Isaiah Poore (Centennial) 23.3

Braeden Moore (CPA) 23.0

Jaylan Wetzel (Siegel) 22.3

Masyn Winningham (White County) 20.0

Isaiah Shaw (Davidson Academy) 19.5

Braden Zapp (CPA) 19.3

Bill Eads (Fairview) 17.8

Josh Scretchen (USN) 17.8

John Windley (Brentwood) 17.7

Malachi Parham (Hume Fogg) 17.6

Carrington Allen (Oakland) 17.3

Hunter Bedwell (Franklin) 15.8

Jacob Beasley (Blackman) 15.6

Martise Jackson (Siegel) 15.6

Evan Eursher (Lighthouse Christian) 15.3

Rex Edmondson (Creek Wood) 14.8

Jaime Hernandez (Page) 14.8

Maddux Bodenhamer (Rockvale) 14.4

Alex Mitchell (Community) 14.4

Tristan Conger (Summit) 14.3

Rodney Love (Glencliff) 14.0

Nasir Scaife (Franklin County) 13.4

Preston Whittington (Riverdale) 13.3

Caleb Shaw (Davidson Academy) 12.8

Jacob McDonald (White House) 11.5

Kegan Dodson (White County) 10.8

Robert Anderson (Brentwood) 10.0