Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams (Regions 7AAA-8AAA)

The best time of the year is upon us and things are looking up everywhere. Thanks to everyone who sent their well wishes for me and my family. Lets get back to the business of hoops now and our annual Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region squads. There will be a 10 man All-Region team with an MVP, plus 7 honorable mention players.



Region 7AAA

District 13AAA Regular Season Champions: Dyer County

District 13AAA Tournament Champions: Munford

Projected 13AAA District MVP: Trey Swift (Dyer County)

District 14AAA Regular Season Champions: Bartlett

District 14AAA Tournament Champions: Bartlett

Projected 14AAA District MVP: Antavion Collum (Bartlett)


Region 7AAA All-Region Team

Antavion Collum (Bartlett) MVP

Bruce Guy (Cordova)

Anthony Smith (Brighton)

Trey Swift (Dyer County)

Kylan Cunningham (Munford)

Sam Wiseman (Arlington)

Jalen Brown (Liberty Tech)

Jadarius Carter (Bolton)

Sylvester Thompson (Bartlett)

Julian Bond (Dyer County)


Honorable Mention

Wynne Brown (Bartlett)

Kylee Cunningham (Munford)

Phillip Dotson (Arlington)

Markelrion Hines (Cordova)

Jeff Walker (Bartlett)

Landon Winters (Munford)

Ethan Tolbert (Dyer County)




Region 8AAA

District 15AAA Regular Season Champions: Southwind

District 15AAA Tournament Champions: Houston

Projected 15AAA District MVP: Ashton Smith (Southwind)

District 16AAA Regular Season Champions: Memphis East

District 16AAA Tournament Champions: Whitehaven

Projected 16AAA District MVP: James Wiseman (Memphis East)


Region 8AAA All-Region Team

James Wiseman (Memphis East) MVP

Matthew Murrell (Whitehaven)

Brandon Brown (White Station)

Malcolm Dandridge (Memphis East)

Ashton Smith (Southwind)

Kendall Thomas (Ridgeway)

Nick Torrence (Houston)

Kameron Jones (Southwind)

Kavion McClain (Whitehaven)

T.J. Madlock (Houston)


Honorable Mention

Antonio Thomas (Memphis East)

Will Wilson (Ridgeway)

Ashton Taylor (Southwind)

Dontae Harris (Kirby)

Daniel Owens (Whitehaven)

Zander Yates (Houston)

Davon Barnes (White Station)