Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams (Regions 7AA-8AA)

Every year I enjoy putting together my version of the All-Region squads for the state of Tennessee. This info is compiled from contacts with high school coaches and my observations and evaluations while taking in well over a hundred games this season.


I will choose a District MVP for each district and a Region MVP as well. There will be 10 members of the All-Region teams in no particular order and 5-7 honorable mention players; as well as, a newcomer of the year for each Region.







District 13AA Champions: Obion County

District 14AA MVP: Garrett Sams (Westview)

District 14AA Champions: Jackson Southside

District 14AA MVP: Jaylen Barford (Jackson Southside)


Tennessee Prep Hoops 7AA All-Region Team

Region Co-MVP: Jaylen Barford (Jackson Southside)

Garrett Sams (Westview)

Mikkel Normant (Fayette-Ware)

Nick Marshall (Lexington)

Joe Wiggens (Obion County)

Malik Hicks (Jackson Southside)

Keenan Booth (Milan)

Caleb McKinnie (Bolivar Central)

Chris McNeal (Jackson Southside)

Dillon Smith (Lexington)


Honorable Mention:

Justin Johnson (Westview)

D.J. Jackson (Fayette-Ware)

Jay Howard (Dyersburg)

Elijah Shaw (Crockett County)


Newcomer of the Year:

D.J. Jackson (Fayette-Ware)






District 15AA Champions: Haywood

District 15AA MVP: Jordan Varnado (Haywood)

District 16AA Champions: Sheffield

District 16AA MVP: LaGerald Vick (Douglass)


Tennessee Prep Hoops 8AA All-Region Team

Region MVP: LaGerald Vick (Douglass)

Chad Culbreath (Ripley)

Landon Simmons (Liberty Tech)

Rayford Albright (Manassas)

Fatodd Lewis (Raleigh-Egypt)

Malcolm Taylor (Covington)

Jordan Varnado (Haywood)

James Buchanan (Sheffield)

Freddie Williams (Douglass)

Jeff Starks (Haywood)


Honorable Mention:

Brandon Jones (Westwood)

Kyler Douglas (Haywood)

Bobby Shanks (Covington)

Pharez Beard (JCM)

Antonio Rice (Fairley)

Stephen Wright (Trezevant)

Chavis Fuller (Jackson Northside)


Newcomer of the Year:



Tennessee Prep Hoops Projected Class AA State Tournament Representatives:

Jackson Southside and Manassas