Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams (Regions 7A-8A)


Every year I enjoy putting together my version of the All-Region squads for the state of Tennessee. This info is compiled from contacts with high school coaches and my observations and evaluations while taking in well over a hundred games this season.




I will choose a District MVP for each district and a Region MVP as well. There will be 10 members of the All-Region teams in no particular order and 5-7 honorable mention players; as well as, a newcomer of the year for each Region.






District 13A Champions: McKenzie

District 13A MVP: Justice Scott (Huntingdon)

District 14A Champions: Humboldt

District 14A MVP: DeSonta Bradford (Humboldt)


Tennessee Prep Hoops 7A All-Region Team

Region MVP: DeSonta Bradford (Humboldt)

Zay Coleman (Lake County)

Austin Daniels (Dresden)

Justice Scott (Huntingdon)

Marcus DeBerry (Union City)

Breshaun Oglesby (McKenzie)

Keshaun McManus (South Fulton)

Stephon Turner (Humboldt)

Donte Simpson (Union City)

Rekiyas McCauley (Bruceton)


Honorable Mention:

Ryan White (Peabody)

Trey Tharpe (Halls)

River Street (Bradford)

Trey Pfifer (Big Sandy)

Malik Stockdale (Union City)

Harrison Hawks (South Fulton)



Newcomer of the Year:







District 15A Champions: Adamsville

District 11A MVP: Peyton Hehe (Riverside)

District 12A Champions: Mitchell

District 8A MVP: Jeremiah Martin (Mitchell)


Tennessee Prep Hoops 8A All-Region Team

Region MVP: Jeremiah Martin (Mitchell)

Tucker Campbell (Adamsville)

Jamarcus Franklin (BTW)

Tr'Darius Girley (Middleton)

Jordan Brown (Middle College)

Antonie Garrett (Mitchell)

Peyton Hehe (Riverside)

Tyree Beason (BTW)

Naba Echols (Mitchell)

Darmain Brooks (City University)


Honorable Mention:

Johnny Connors (Oakhaven)

Dewaun Fowler (KIPP)

Markeis Ivy (Northside)

Pechone Jackson (Carver)

Kylan Phillips (Mitchell)

Jessie  Clemmons (MBA)


Newcomer of the Year:



Tennessee Prep Hoops Projected Class A State Tournament Representatives:

Humboldt and Mitchell