Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams (Regions 7A-8A)

One of favorite times of the year for high school basketball. The playoffs are underway and everyone is fighting to stay alive and take their place in Murfreesboro for the state championships. Here are my selections for All-Region. This is data that I have compiled over the season with input from coaches and other folks whose opinions I value. There will be a Region MVP and a 10 member All-Region team with 5 to 7 honorable mention selections. The All Region teams will be list alphabetically after the MVP.






Region 7A

District 13A Regular Season Champions: Union City

District 13A Tournament Champions: Union City

Projected 13A District MVP: Ben McMillen (Union City)

District 14A Regular Season Champions: Madison

District 14A Tournament Champions: Madison

Projected 14A District MVP: James Anderson (Madison)


Region 7A All-Region Team

James Anderson (Madison) MVP

Kaler Bobo (Union City)

Brock Brown (South Fulton)

Demarkus Kee (Peabody)

Ben McMillan (Union City)

Lawrence Pack (Madison)

Walter Peggs (Madison)

Jeremiah Polk (Lake County)

Tevin Shoonover (Bradford)

DeMarcus Williams (Humboldt)


Honorable Mention

Derek Kee (Peabody)

Clydrell Foster (Halls)

Telvin Polk (Middleton)

Elijah Young (Gleason)

Dawson Maclin (Bradford)

Charles Hackett (Lake County)

Kaleb Dilday (Dresden)



Region 8A

District 15A Regular Season Champions: BTW

District 15A Tournament Champions: BTW

Projected 15A District MVP: David Dixon (MAHS)

District 16A Regular Season Champions: Power Center Academy

District 16A Tournament Champions: Power Center Academy

Projected 16A District MVP: Jamari Jackson (Power Center Academy)


Region 8A All-Region Team

David Dixon (MAHS) MVP

Ronald Berkeley (MAHS)

Mikhael Garrett (BTW)

Jamari Jackson (Power Center Academy)

Bakari Johnson (Freedom Prep)

Treshaun Marion (BTW)

Charterrio Porter (BTW)

Kamron Prude (MASE)

Jalin Smith (Westwood)

Terrion Whiting (Westwood)


Honorable Mention

J.C. Johnson (BTW)

Kahlib Brooks (Freedom Prep)

Devion Taylor (City University)

Devian Clear (Bluff City)

Catterious Moore (Manassas)

Charlie Ivory (Westwood)

Ashuni Archie (Hillcrest)

Alex Holmes (Fairley)