Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams (Regions 7A-8A)

The best time of the year is upon us and things are looking up everywhere. Thanks to everyone who sent their well wishes for me and my family. Lets get back to the business of hoops now and our annual Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region squads. There will be a 10 man All-Region team with an MVP, plus 7 honorable mention players.



Region 7A

District 13A Regular Season Champions: Union City

District 13A Tournament Champions: Union City

Projected 13A District MVP: Tyler Walton (Union City)

District 14A Regular Season Champions: Humboldt

District 14A Tournament Champions: Peabody

Projected 14A District MVP: Anthony Jones (Humboldt)


Region 7A All-Region Team

Anthony Jones (Humboldt) MVP

JaDarious Harris (Peabody)

Tyler Walton (Union City)

Jackson Crouse (Greenfield)

Lawrence Parks (Madison)

Phenix Street (Bradford)

Kentavious Berry (Middleton)

Ben McMillan (Union City)

Montrez Ward (Humboldt)

Devin Bradshaw (South Fulton)


Honorable Mention

James Anderson (Madison)

Joshua Floyd (Greenfield)

Jaramiah Polk (Lake County)

Isaac Northcutt (TCA)

Kaler Bobo (Union City)

R.J. Abernathy (Humboldt)

Kenyatta Ross (Peabody)





Region 8A

District 15A Regular Season Champions: Manassas

District 15A Tournament Champions: Manassas

Projected 15A District MVP: Catthadious Moore (Manassas)

District 16A Regular Season Champions: Power Center Academy

District 16A Tournament Champions: City University

Projected 16A District MVP: Bryuntay Thomas (Westwood)


Region 8A All-Region Team

Catthadious Moore (Manassas) MVP

Ronald Berkeley (MAHS)

Antavious Buford (Douglass)

Demario Spann (Westwood)

Charterio Porter (BTW)

Wendell Rogers (Manassas)

Zay Maclin (MAHS)

Bryuntay Thomas (Westwood)

Jalen Robinson (Manassas)

Marvin Ivey (Power Center Academy)


Honorable Mention

Kevin Ferguson (Middle College)

Cameron Howard (Oakhaven)

J.C. Johnson (BTW)

Demario Vinson (City University)

Tyler Mitchell (Fairley)

Timon Freeman (MSE)

Bruce Allen (Hillcrest)