Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams (Regions 7A-8A)

With the region tournament right at our back door and the state tournament just around the corner, it is time for my annual Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region teams. This is from data I have compiled throughout the season, recommendations from coaches and trusted advisors. Each region will feature a 10 member squad including an MVP, plus 5 to 7 honorable mention nominations. Players will be listed in no particular order, with the exception of MVP listed first.





Class A

District 13A Regular Season Champion: Union City

District 13A Tournament Champion: Union City

District 13A Projected MVP: N/A

District 14A Regular Season Champion: Middleton

District 14A Tournament Champion: Middleton

District 14A Projected MVP: Tylandrius Parks (Middleton)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 7A All-Region Team

Tylandrius Parks (Middleton) MVP

Justin Pankey (Humboldt)

Matt McMillan (Union City)

Levi Dees (Greenfield)

Jadarious Harris (Peabody)

Vann Bryant (TCA)

Cameron Luten (Peabody)

Kentavious Berry (Middleton)

Jermize Weddle (Union City)

Anthony Jones (Humboldt)


Honorable Mention:

R.J. Abernathy (Humboldt)

Khance Hill (Peabody)

Tyler Walton (Union City)

Pheonix Street (Bradford)

Kelan Jones (Middleton)

Clark Larson (TCA)

Jackson Crouse (Greenfield)





Class A

District 15A Regular Season Champion: Douglass

District 15A Tournament Champion: Douglass

District 15A Projected MVP: Arecko Gibson (MASE)

District 16A Regular Season Champion: WEB Dubois

District 16A Tournament Champion: WEB Dubois

District 16A Projected MVP: Jamey Sanders (WEB Dubois)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 8A All-Region Team

Arecko Gibson (MASE) MVP

Jamey Sanders (WEB Dubois)

Demario Spann (Westwood)

Brian Price (MSE)

Antavious Buford (Douglass)

Elliott Brooks (Power Center Academy)

Jordan Smith (Douglass)

Mhylan Davis (MASE)

Tyler Sawyer (MAHS)

Jalen Robinson (Manassas)


Honorable Mention:

Kenshun White (WEB Dubois)

Brandon Wade (Freedom Prep)

Devyn Payne (Douglass)

Derrick Fountain (WEB Dubois)

Martez Cathey (MASE)

Cliff Swift (BTW)