Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams (Regions 5AAAA-6AAAA)

I am behind in posting these all-region teams as I have done the past 12 years but I am determined to get them out. Here are my selections for the Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region teams. This is data that I have compiled over the season with input from coaches and other folks whose opinions I value. There will be a Region MVP and a 10 member All-Region team with 5 to 8 honorable mention selections. The All Region teams will be list alphabetically after the MVP.






Region 5AAAA

District 9AAAA Regular Season Champions: Green Hill

District 9AAAA Tournament Champions: Green Hill

Projected 9AAAA District MVP: Jarred Hall (Lebanon)

District 10AAAA Regular Season Champions: Station Camp

District 10AAAA Tournament Champions: Hendersonville

Projected 10AAAA District MVP: Matthew Massey (Station Camp)


Region 5AAAA All-Region Team

Jarred Hall (Lebanon) MVP

Jason Burch (Green Hill)

Caleb Cothran (Beech)

Kenny Ellis (Green Hill)

Joshua Heard (Cookeville)

TJ Kolbe (Hendersonville)

Ty Lannom (Hendersonville) 

Matthew Massey (Station Camp)

Decosta Ricks (Gallatin)

Ty Thurston (Station Camp)


Honorable Mention

Wyatt Bowling (Lebanon)

Odell Bradley (Beech)

Isize Daniyou (Mt. Juliet)

AJ Davis (Gallatin) 

Cannon Hale (Gallatin)

Aaron Mattingly (Green Hill)

Ethan Thomas (Wilson Central)




Region 6AAAA

District 11AAAA Regular Season Champions: Hillsboro

District 11AAAA Tournament Champions: Hillsboro

Projected 11AAAA District MVP: Trey Johnson (Hillsboro)

District 12AAAA Regular Season Champions: Independence

District 12AAAA Tournament Champions: Independence

Projected 12AAAA District MVP: Jett Montgomery (Independence)


Region 6AAAA All-Region Team

Jett Montgomery (Independence) MVP

Daniel Cochran (Brentwood)

Cortez Graham (Hillsboro)

Trey Johnson (Hillsboro)

Rocco Lamuno (Ravenwood)

Tylan Lewis (Independence)

Davis Long (Franklin)

Jack Medalie (Franklin)

Dominic Reed (Centennial)

Matthew Whitt (Independence) 


Honorable Mention

Arnez Anderson (Hillsboro)

Jaden Clark (Nolensville)

Jordan Davis (Columbia Central)

Evan Gainer (Ravenwood)

Tanner Lee (Centennial)

Alex Pollard (Summit)

Lucas Pring (Nolensville)