Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams (Regions 5AAA-6AAA)

Every year I enjoy putting together my version of the All-Region squads for the state of Tennessee. This info is compiled from contacts with high school coaches and my observations and evaluations while taking in well over a hundred games this season.


I will choose a District MVP for each district and a Region MVP as well. There will be 10 members of the All-Region teams in no particular order and 5-7 honorable mention players; as well as, a newcomer of the year for each Region.






District 9AAA Champions: Wilson Central

District 9AAA MVP: Jacob Williams (Wilson Central)

District 10AAA Champions: Kenwood

District 10AAA MVP: Daniel Norl (Kenwood)


Tennessee Prep Hoops 5AAA All-Region Team

Region MVP: Daniel Norl (Kenwood)

Jacob Williams (Wilson Central)

Jacob McCullough (Hendersonville)

Kyle Anderton (Station Camp)

Drew Pentacost (Beech)

Tramon Moore (Northwest)

Jimario Rivers (Kenwood)

Devonte Williams (Gallatin)

DeShawn McMurray (Lebanon)

Reagan Johnson (Mt. Juliet)


Honorable Mention:

Jachin Almon (West Creek)

Javon Vaughn (Rossview)

Phillip Baites (Beech)

Ben Palmer (Wilson Central)

Yalen Reed (Station Camp)

Nick Green (Northeast)


Newcomer of the Year:

Bo Hodges (Station Camp)






District 11AAA Champions: Brentwood

District 11AAA MVP: Andy Schumpert (Brentwood)

District 12AAA Champions: Cane Ridge

District 12AAA MVP: KeVaughn Russell (Hunter's Lane)


Tennessee Prep Hoops 6AAA All-Region Team

Region MVP: Andy Schumpert (Brentwood)

Leon Howard (Nashville Overton)

Matthew Hailey (Ravenwood)

KeVaughn Russell (Hunter's Lane)

Garrison Matthews (Franklin)

D'Monte Evans (Cane Ridge)

Jacob Adcock (Brentwood)

Kin Webster (Hillsboro)

Rashid Gordon (Antioch)

James McPherson (Brentwood)


Honorable Mention:

Will Jennings (Nashville Overton)

Brandon Cody (Hillsboro)

Grayson Murphy (Independence)

Demarco Churchwell (Cane Ridge)

Chris Claybrooks (McGavock)

Byron Dean (Hillwood)

Grant Teichmann (Brentwood)


Newcomer of the Year:

Grayson Murphy (Independence)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Projected Class AAA State Tournament Representatives:

Brentwood and Wilson Central