Tennessee Prep Hoops All Region Teams (Regions 5AAA-6AAA)

I am behind in posting these all-region teams as I have done the past 12 years but I am determined to get them out. Here are my selections for the Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region teams. This is data that I have compiled over the season with input from coaches and other folks whose opinions I value. There will be a Region MVP and a 10 member All-Region team with 5 to 8 honorable mention selections. The All Region teams will be list alphabetically after the MVP.






Region 5AAA

District 9AAA Regular Season Champions: Creek Wood

District 9AAA Tournament Champions: Portland

Projected 9AAA District MVP: Chase Runyon (Portland)

District 10AAA Regular Season Champions: Central Magnet

District 10AAA Tournament Champions: Hillwood

Projected 10AAA District MVP: Calvin Goliday (Hillwood)


Region 5AAA All-Region Team

Calvin Goliday (Hillwood) MVP

Will Baker (Central Magnet)

Mason Brown (Central Magnet)

Derek Curtis (Hillwood)

Jayce Mangrum (Greenbrier)

Chase Runyon (Portland)

Monzo Sweeney (Maplewood)

Carter Thomison (Creek Wood)

Avery Townsend (MLK)

Simeon Williams (MLK)


Honorable Mention

Jamison Ford (Creek Wood)

Michael Nwoye (Hume Fogg)

Freddie Paxson (Portland)

Brian Ranger (Liberty Creek)

Kendall Solomon (MLK)

Ryan Worrell (White House)




Region 6AAA

District 11AAA Regular Season Champions: Chester County

District 11AAA Tournament Champions: McNairy Central

Projected 11AAA District MVP: Chad Barham (Chester County)

District 12AAA Regular Season Champions: Jackson Southside

District 12AAA Tournament Champions: South Gibson

Projected 12AAA District MVP:  Camden Lockett (South Gibson)


Region 6AAA All-Region Team

Chad Barham (Chester County) MVP

Malik Currie (Jackson Northside)

Ashton England (South Gibson)

Sermian Graham (Jackson Southside)

Camden Lockett (South Gibson)

DeAndre Minor (Jackson Northside)

Nate Moore (McNairy Central)

Devon Nappier-Smith (Liberty Tech)

Aiden Valle (Lexington)

Aiden Welch (Chester County)


Honorable Mention

Rylan Giles (South Gibson)

Cody Jennings (Liberty Tech)

Tanner Kirk (McNairy Central)

Robert Liggens (Jackson Southside)

Armaria Massengill (Chester County)

Jakob Paris (Lexington)

Chance Thompson (Chester County)