Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams (Regions 5AAA-6AAA)

With the region tournament right at our back door and the state tournament just around the corner, it is time for my annual Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region teams. This is from data I have compiled throughout the season, recommendations from coaches and trusted advisors. Each region will feature a 10 member squad including an MVP, plus 5 to 7 honorable mention nominations. Players will be listed in no particular order, with the exception of MVP listed first.






Class AAA

District 9AAA Regular Season Champion: Mt. Juliet

District 9AAA Tournament Champion: Mt. Juliet

District 9AAA Projected MVP: Zool Kueth (Gallatin)

District 10AAA Regular Season Champion: Northeast

District 10AAA Tournament Champion: Northeast

District 10AAA Projected MVP: Alec Kegler (Northeast)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 5AAA All-Region Team

Alec Kegler (Northeast) MVP

Zool Kueth (Gallatin)

Isaac Stephens (Mt. Juliet)

Will Midlick (Rossview)

Jaylen Negron (West Creek)

Noah Mulaski (Lebanon)

James Williams (Kenwood)

Eddie Jackson (Lebanon)

Jordan Lockridge (Mt. Juliet)

Stephen Dougherty (Northeast)


Honorable Mention:

Austin Jackson (Rossview)

Gavin Johnson (Wilson Central)

Trey Spencer (Montgomery Central)

Cooper Smith (Hendersonville)

Jonathan Gillard (Station Camp)

Jayson Brown (Beech)

Jaleel Fletcher (Northeast)

James King (Henry County)








Class AAA

District 11AAA Regular Season Champion: Franklin

District 11AAA Tournament Champion: Brentwood

District 11AAA Projected MVP: Reece Glover (Franklin)

District 12AAA Regular Season Champion: Cane Ridge

District 12AAA Tournament Champion: Cane Ridge

District 12AAA Projected MVP: Laverick Mangela (Antioch)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 6AAA All-Region Team

Reece Glover (Franklin) MVP

David Windley (Brentwood)

Jaden Lewis (Summit)

Tre Carlton (Centennial)

Chantz Hillsman (Cane Ridge)

Marvin Hughes (McGavock)

Jaden Smallwood (Ravenwood)

Laverick Mangela (Antioch)

Chris Nix (Hillwood)

Donald Fitzgerald (Hillsboro)


Honorable Mention:

Demontay Dixon (Summit)

Jack Thurman (Brentwood)

Evan Sigler (Franklin)

Dusty Williams (Centennial)

Mykan James (Independence)

D.J. Stacy (Dickson County)

Kendall Winston (Hunter's Lane)

Jonathan Howard (Cane Ridge)