Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams (Regions 5AA-6AA)

The playoffs are upon us and as is usual this time of the year I like to put forth my All-Region teams. I have gotten some input from coaches and I have been to over 200 games this season and seen over 130 different teams. Hope you enjoy. These selections are based on the regular season. Each team will consist of an MVP and 9 other members, as well as; 5 to 8 honorable mention selections. Players are listed in no particular order on the All-Region team.





Region 5AA

District 9AA Regular Season Champion: White House-Heritage

District 9AA Tournament Champion: White House-Heritage

District 9AA Regular Season MVP: D.J. Upton (White House-Heritage)

District 10AA Regular Season Champion: White's Creek

District 10AA Tournament Champion: East Nashville

District 10AA Regular Season MVP: Bo Hodges (Maplewood)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 5AA All-Region Team

Bo Hodges (Maplewood) MVP

Ruot Monyyong (White's Creek)

D.J. Upton (White House-Heritage)

Jared Ward (White House)

Gene Holmes (East Nashville)

A.J. Bowers (MLK)

William Shaw (Pearl Cohn)

Hassan Littlepage (Maplewood)

Dennis Stallings (White's Creek)

Marquis Whitman (East Nashville)


Honorable Mention:

Marcus Fitzgerald (Stratford)

Bradley Cole (White House)

JuQuan Brooks (White's Creek)

Jay Lockett (East Nashville)

Nick Demaris (White House-Heritage)

Will Hodges (Greenbrier)

Isaiah Bowers (White's Creek)



Region 6AA

District 11AA Regular Season Champion: Camden Central

District 11AA Tournament Champion: Camden Central

District 11AA Regular Season MVP: Hunter Vick (Camden Central)

District 12AA Regular Season Champion: CPA

District 12AA Tournament Champion: Marshall County

District 12AA Regular Season MVP: Michael Mayernick (CPA)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 6AA All-Region Team

Hunter Vick (Camden Central) MVP

Clay Washburn (CPA)

K.J. Johnson (Marshall County)

Diego Womack (Camden Central)

Michael Mayernick (CPA)

Aspen Bush (Giles County)

Hayden Edmondson (Cascade)

Coulter Dotson (Creek Wood)

Caleb Fields (Marshall County)

Seth Gardner (Cascade)


Honorable Mention:

Jordan Gilbert (Giles County)

Nate Bloeden (Nolensville)

Jarrius Satterfield (Montgomery Central)

Rye Nolan (Stewart County)

Drew Scott (CPA)

Ethan Keller (East Hickman)

Darrien James (Page)