Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams (Regions 3AAA-4AAA)

Every year I enjoy putting together my version of the All-Region squads for the state of Tennessee. This info is compiled from contacts with high school coaches and my observations and evaluations while taking in well over a hundred games this season.


I will choose a District MVP for each district and a Region MVP as well. There will be 10 members of the All-Region teams in no particular order and 5-7 honorable mention players; as well as, a newcomer of the year for each Region.






District 5AAA Champions: Bradley Central

District 5AAA MVP: Ben Snider (Ooltewah)

District 6AAA Champions: Cookeville

District 6AAA MVP: Tyler Yoder (Stone Memorial)


Tennessee Prep Hoops 3AAA All-Region Team

Region MVP: Tyler Yoder (Stone Memorial)

Kendrick Thompson (Cleveland)

Mason Bates (Cookeville)

Kenny Bunton (East Hamilton)

Kordell Henderson (White County)

Justin Simmons (Stone Memorial)

Taylor Bentley (Bradley Central)

Ben Snider (Ooltewah)

Lukas Korn (Walker Valley)

Luke Matthews (Stone Memorial)


Honorable Mention:

John Payne (Cookeville)

Logan Parsons (Cumberland County)

Austin Harwood (Walker Valley)

Bradley McCurdy (Bradley Central)

Cade Crosland (White County)

Logan Cox (Bradley Central)

Mac Brower (East Hamilton)

Brandon Crews (Walker Valley)


Newcomer of the Year:

Mac Brower (East Hamilton)

Cole Copeland (Bradley Central)






District 7AAA Champions: Siegel

District 7AAA MVP: Ryan Jones (Siegel)

District 8AAA Champions: Columbia Central

District 8AAA MVP: Tyler Schaub (Franklin County)


Tennessee Prep Hoops 4AAA All-Region Team

Region MVP: Ryan Jones (Siegel)

Juaun Jennings (Blackman)

Charles Sutton (LaVergne)

Tyler Schaub (Franklin County)

Charles Clark (Siegel)

Kyle Oliver (Oakland)

Reid Pierce (Blackman)

Ashanta Brown (Columbia Central)

Andrew Rogan (Blackman)

Marquis Johns (LaVergne)


Honorable Mention:

Lucas Crismond (Coffee County)

Lukas Hart (Blackman)

Aden Burton (Siegel)

Jy'Lan Washington (Stewart's Creek)

Brad Woodson (Riverdale)

Ricky Dunnaway (Oakland)


Newcomer of the Year:

Omar Lyons (Siegel)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Projected Class AAA State Tournament Representatives:

Siegel and Blackman