Tennessee Prep Hoops All Region Teams (Regions 3AA-4AA)

The best time of the year is upon us and things are looking up everywhere. Thanks to everyone who sent their well wishes for me and my family. Lets get back to the business of hoops now and our annual Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region squads. There will be a 10 man All-Region team with an MVP, plus 7 honorable mention players.



Region 3AA

District 5AA Regular Season Champions: Sweetwater

District 5AA Tournament Champions: Sweetwater

Projected 5AA District MVP: Dominique Oggs (Sweetwater)

District 6AA Regular Season Champions: Brainerd

District 6AA Tournament Champions: Tyner Academy

Projected 6AA District MVP: Amon Grace (Tyner Academy)


Region 3AA All-Region Team

Kevin Halfacre (Brainerd) MVP

Dominique Oggs (Sweetwater)

Solomon Bridgeman (Tyner Academy)

Mason Small (Loudon)

John Douglas Wiggens (Sequoyah)

Calvin James (Howard)

Kolbi Billingsley (Sweetwater)

Kerrick Thorne (Howard)

Amon Grace (Tyner Academy)

Trey Owten (Brainerd)


Honorable Mention

Donovan Blankenship (Loudon)

Dewayne Lowery (Howard)

Lucas Brown (Red Bank)

Owen Honroth (Signal Mountain)

Brantley Baker (Meigs County)

Matthew Kile (Sweetwater)

Kobe Smith (Tyner Academy)






Region 4AA

District 7AA Regular Season Champions: Cumberland County

District 7AA Tournament Champions: Grundy County

Projected 7AA District MVP: Reese Dykes (Cumberland County)

District 8AA Regular Season Champions: Livingston Academy

District 8AA Tournament Champions: Upperman

Projected 8AA District MVP: Matthew Sells (Livingston Academy)


Region 4AA All-Region Team

Matthew Sells (Livingston Academy) MVP

Reese Dykes (Cumberland County)

Collin Gore (Upperman)

Heath Price (Watertown)

Cullen Anderson (Grundy County)

Mason Wyatt (Cumberland County)

Roger Meadows (York Institute)

Cody Ray (Livingston Academy)

Alex Rush (Upperman)

Noah Smith (York Institute)


Honorable Mention

Nicq Ivory (Marion County)

Scott Lewis (Bledsoe County)

Cameron Welch (Macon County)

Isaiah Allen (Upperman)

Tyler Patrick (Grundy County)

Colin Hudson (Sequatchie County)

Jace McWilliams (Upperman)