Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams (Regions 3AA-4AA)

With the region tournament right at our back door and the state tournament just around the corner, it is time for my annual Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region teams. This is from data I have compiled throughout the season, recommendations from coaches and trusted advisors. Each region will feature a 10 member squad including an MVP, plus 5 to 7 honorable mention nominations. Players will be listed in no particular order, with the exception of MVP listed first.





Class AA

District 5AA Regular Season Champion: McMinn Central/Sweetwater

District 5AA Tournament Champion: McMinn Central

District 5AA Projected MVP: Bryce Mason (McMinn Central)/Brantley Baker (Meigs County)

District 6AA Regular Season Champion: Tyner Academy

District 6AA Tournament Champion: Signal Mountain

District 6AA Projected MVP: Jesse Walker (Brainerd)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 3AA All-Region Team

Jeremy Elston (Tyner Academy) MVP

Jesse Walker (Brainerd)

Bryce Mason (McMinn Central)

Brantley Baker (Meigs County)

Meechie Oggs (Sweetwater)

Owen Honroth (Signal Mountain)

Lucas Brown (Red Bank)

Jordan Carter (McMinn Central)

Javon Craddock (Tyner Academy)

Dominique Oggs (Sweetwater)


Honorable Mention:

John Douglas Wiggens (Sequoyah)

Josh Laughlin (Polk County)

Joseph Norwood (Brainerd)

Solomon Bridgeman (Tyner Academy)

Jarren Radden (Signal Mountain)

Luke Joiner (Loudon)

Kolbi Billingsley (Sweetwater)

Caleb Newman (Meigs County)






Class AA

District 7AA Regular Season Champion: Cumberland County

District 7AA Tournament Champion: Cumberland County

District 7AA Projected MVP: Josh Dykes (Cumberland County)

District 8AA Regular Season Champion: Upperman

District 8AA Tournament Champion: Upperman

District 8AA Projected MVP: Seth Carlisle (Macon County)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 4AA All-Region Team

Josh Dykes (Cumberland County) MVP

Preston Tomlinson (Watertown)

Silas Clark (Cumberland County)

Seth Carlisle (Macon County)

Jaylon Shepperson (Smith County)

Collin Gore (Upperman)

Wade Neely (Livingston Academy)

Trey Hampton (Grundy County)

Carter Hayes (Livingston Academy)

Nico Ivory (Marion County)


 Honorable Mention:

Lee Hale (Cumberland County)

Matthew Sells (Livingston Academy)

Heston King (Macon County)

Simmy King (Smith County)

Jaydon Canipe (Upperman)

Austin Lasater (Watertown)

Noah Smith (York Institute)