Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams (Regions 1AAA-2AAA)

Every year I enjoy putting together my version of the All-Region squads for the state of Tennessee. This info is compiled from contacts with high school coaches and my observations and evaluations while taking in well over a hundred games this season.


I will choose a District MVP for each district and a Region MVP as well. There will be 10 members of the All-Region teams in no particular order and 5-7 honorable mention players; as well as, a newcomer of the year for each Region.






District 1AAA Champions: Dobyns-Bennett

District 1AAA MVP: Patrick Good (David Crockett)

District 2AAA Champions: Jefferson County

District 2AAA MVP: Brice Cusick (Jefferson County)


Tennessee Prep Hoops 1AAA All-Region Team

Region MVP: Brice Cusick (Jefferson County)

Jacob Whaley (Sevier County)

Patrick Good (David Crockett)

Tyleke Love (Dobyns-Bennett)

Chase Branscomb (Tennessee High)

Calvin Songster (Science Hill)

John Fulkerson (Dobyns-Bennett)

John Bryant (Jefferson County)

Dylan Reppart (Daniel Boone)

Austin Arrington (Seymour)


Honorable Mention:

Dylan Dockery (Cocke County)

Dustin Day (David Crockett)

Tanner Trent (Cherokee)

Kyle Briggs (Jefferson County)

Adam Mitchell (Tennessee High)

David McFarlane (Volunteer)

Paul Gadson (Dobyns-Bennett)


Newcomer of the Year:

Holden Hensley (Daniel Boone)






District 3AAA Champions: Oak Ridge

District 3AAA MVP: Devin Sibley (Karns)

District 4AAA Champions: Hardin Valley

District 4AAA MVP: Zak Carter (Hardin Valley)


Tennessee Prep Hoops 2AAA All-Region Team

Region MVP: Devin Sibley (Karns)

Jalin Henderson (Oak Ridge)

Zak Carter (Hardin Valley)

Dallas Fields (Powell)

Isaac Edmiston (Maryville)

Isaac Merian (Oak Ridge)

Jon Garrett (Maryville)

Jack Graham (Bearden)

Peyton Booker (Knoxville Halls)

Birdman McKamey (Clinton)


Honorable Mention:

Dylan Brewster (Lenoir City)

Alex Hill (Powell)

Darrin Gillenwater (Campbell County)

Caleb Hayes (Anderson County)

Cameron Turner (Farragut)

Deonta Bizzle-Brown (Hardin Valley)


Newcomer of the Year:

Tee Higgins (Oak Ridge)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Projected Class AAA State Tournament Representatives:

Oak Ridge and Jefferson County