Tennessee Prep Hoops All Region Teams (Regions 1AAA-2AAA)

With the region tournament right at our back door and the state tournament just around the corner, it is time for my annual Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region teams. This is from data I have compiled throughout the season, recommendations from coaches and trusted advisors. Each region will feature a 10 member squad including an MVP, plus 5 to 7 honorable mention nominations. Players will be listed in no particular order, with the exception of MVP listed first.






Class AAA

District 1AAA Regular Season Champion: Science Hill/Dobyns-Bennett

District 1AAA Tournament Champion: Dobyns-Bennett

District 1AAA Projected MVP: Marae Foreman (Dobyns-Bennett)

District 2AAA Regular Season Champion: Jefferson County

District 2AAA Tournament Champion: Morristown East

District 2AAA Projected MVP: Connor Jordan (Morristown East)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 1AAA All-Region Team

Connor Jordan (Morristown East) MVP

Darius Allen (Jefferson County)

Marae Foreman (Dobyns-Bennett)

Ryan Bledsoe (Cherokee)

Keshaun Colbert (South Doyle)

Wes Maples (Sevier County)

David Bryant (Science Hill)

Riamello Wadsworth (Dobyns-Bennett)

McHale Bright (David Crockett)

Eric Rigsby (Daniel Boone)


Honorable Mention:

Nathan Seal (Jefferson County)

Christian Webb (Tennessee)

Jamal Spradling (Morristown West)

Cameron Reimer (Morristown East)

Jacob Deal (Volunteer)

Ryan Lee (Seymour)

Jerriah Love (Science Hill)

Chad Hegler (Daniel Boone)









Class AA

District 3AAA Regular Season Champion: Oak Ridge

District 3AAA Tournament Champion: Powell

District 3AAA Projected MVP: K.J. Hawkins (Karns)

District 4AAA Regular Season Champion: Bearden

District 4AAA Tournament Champion: Bearden

District 4AAA Projected MVP: Joe Anderson (Maryville)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 2AAA All-Region Team

Ques Glover (Bearden) MVP

Joe Anderson (Maryville)

K.J. Hawkins (Karns)

Brock Jancek (Knoxville Catholic)

Trent Stephney (Bearden)

Levert Smith (Oak Ridge)

Jordan Corvette (Knoxville Halls)

Spencer Chandler (Anderson County)

Drew Pember (Bearden)

Josh Woods (Powell)


Honorable Mention:

Jacob Giles (Maryville)

Caleb Tripp (Powell)

Shamarcus Brown (Bearden)

Seth Caldwell (Oak Ridge)

David Deacon (Lenoir City)

Jack Sompayrac (Knoxville Catholic)

Sean Oglesby (Knoxville Central)