Tennessee Prep Hoops All Region Teams (Regions 1AA-2AA)

Let me begin by thanking everyone from coaches, parents, players, staff and all those who were there with kind words and prayers for my family as we lost our patriarch, my Dad. I am behind in posting these all-region teams as I have done the past 12 years but I am determined to get them out. Here are my selections for the Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region teams. This is data that I have compiled over the season with input from coaches and other folks whose opinions I value. There will be a Region MVP and a 10 member All-Region team with 5 to 8 honorable mention selections. The All Region teams will be list alphabetically after the MVP.





Region 1AA

District 1AA Regular Season Champions: Chuckey-Doak

District 1AA Tournament Champions: Chuckey-Doak

Projected 1AA District MVP: Leyton Frye (West Greene)

District 2AA Regular Season Champions: Alcoa

District 2AA Tournament Champions: Gatlinburg-Pittman

Projected 2AA District MVP: Ty Glasper (Gatlinburg-Pittman)  


Region 1AA All-Region Team

Ty Glasper (Gatlinburg-Pittman) MVP

Grady Branton (Gatlinburg-Pittman)

Jahvin Carter (Alcoa)

Christian Derry (Chuckey-Doak)

Terrence Dorsey (Alcoa)  

Leyton Frye (West Greene)

Preston Greer (Johnson County)

Clint Lamb (South Greene)

Carlos Orr (Gatlinburg-Pittman)

Cadin Tullock (Chuckey-Doak)


Honorable Mention

Hayden Anderson (Chuckey-Doak)

Jackson DeSear (Gatlinburg-Pittman)

Eli Edds (Union County) '

Chandler Fillers (South Greene)

Eli Graf (Alcoa)

Luke Myers (South Greene)

Zach Parsons (Johnson County)





Region 2AA

District 3AA Regular Season Champions: Sweetwater

District 3AA Tournament Champions: Sweetwater

Projected 3AA District MVP: Colby Raymer (Kingston)

District 4AA Regular Season Champions: Tyner Academy

District 4AA Tournament Champions: Tyner Academy

Projected 4AA District MVP: Caleb Milan (Polk County)


Region 2AA All-Region Team

Donivan Thomas (Brainerd) MVP

Nehemiah Bloodsaw (Tyner Academy)

Justin Brown (CSAS) 

Rodney Henderson (Tyner Academy)

Keelan Jackson (Tyner Academy)

Dennis Lewis (Brainerd)

Caleb Milan (Polk County) 

Cole Owens (Meigs County)

Colby Raymer (Kingston)

Jayce Upton (Sweetwater)


Honorable Mention

Peyton Armour (Meigs County)

Jarius Cameron (CSAS)

Darius Cardin (McMinn Central)

Xavier Fisher (Tyner Academy)

Dalen Gibby (Sweetwater)

Keaton Harig (Loudon)

Joshua Hood (Brainerd)

Gabe Massingale (McMinn Central)